Friday, November 4, 2011

Soho Coffee, Food for thought

Post take, post post call = tired, lunch was assembled from the night before's spinach leaves, thousand island dressings. I had to finish the tub of Thick and creamy yoghurt (expired!) which he refused to help. haha. Only had 10 min left before zooming down to cello...

Post cello headed to lil india before pick up at PS..decided to head to Armenian St for Soho Coffee- crossing our toes that this place would be (!) open on a Sunday, and it was close to 6 at that time. Parked at the Fort Canning car park, tried to enter the Peranakan Musuem (no more free entry for Singaporeans....only NUS.. hiak hiak) Walked by an interesting casual eatery we hoped to catch open the next time we were here. Also Peek! a fantastic photography shop - loved the fish camera. Funky colour, funky views. Thinking of it loads.

Happily walked into Soho Coffee (Armenian St) - its off that street, belonging to a white building (cant remember the name) so its a tad difficult to find. It faces a furniture shop (which was open and we checked out!). Coffee here is overwhelmed by the milk though! Mighty wasted. Food ran out - J wanted the eggs benedict. I bought the culinary book by SMU for ideas around the idea. Love the read. Decided for Torte/Food for thought. Plenty of interesting sights on the way to Queen's/Waterloo. Old churches. Interesting Tel Co building with splashes of red.

Interesting advert though mighty ridiculously mocking the value of health. Attention grabbing it was.

Underhand means. Musuem looking so bare naked without the shadows (we loved the night musuem!)

Singaporean murals. Reminds us of the car blocking the titanic mural...sigh!

Along the way here browsed at an overtly overpriced camping store.

Almost settled for a Mexican place, couldnt find Torte, and we ended up in Food for Thought (Queen's Street). Cheese, and something like a squash. Favourite of his.

My salmon with tomato risotto. I liked the risotto muchos cos it was very smokey and tasty.

But he enjoyed his creamy Salmon risotto much, though saying much too bare. I prefer my vegeterian smokey one ;)

Love the items they were selling on the shelves; singa plastic/shopping bag, interesting kueh tutu eraser. And the decor of the 540/740 (?) pasta bottles overhanging, some of which had the hand written wishes of the children. Amazing. Love the thought put into the interiors of this lovely, warm place. Surprisingly not too crowded for a Sunday (minus the group of girls celebrating a bd)... Wanna try the gula melaka pancakes with K...come home soon!

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