Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Foodbar Dada

Rabbit hole- one chooses to hoard memories and the other erases memories to cope with the grief of a lost loved one- will God be the answer to unite the couple in this process ?

Post rabbit hole, us four went to Foodbar Dada at Robertson Quay-made a reservation at 1015 pm and they very kindly kept the corner 4 seats for us. Just found out that the Prive group owns this very buzzing tapas bar.... Love the energy of the chefs and the patrons here- so reminiscent of Lolla's( J and I prefer the more sensual music at the latter though)

Started with the free crostinis, then we had the fried croquet balls. The best dish of the night has gotta be the grilled octopus and the black Mediterranean rice ... Now I'm a fan of octopus can't wait to try the sous vide version at Spathe ! The squid didn't quite match up to the smokey octopus.

The mushrooms with truffle and egg was also good , though not as earthy as Culina's. The duck burger was just wee too tiny for me to appreciate.

Had dessert at Laurents prior to the play with J where he had his first soufflé (it was after 8) - will prob try the rum and raisin one sometime !

Yay catalunya tonight !!

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