Thursday, May 9, 2013

Jewel Coffee ( Rangoon Road)

Date with short after the meadows party with Chongs with atb and Marcus Schultz - my second breakkie food after macs ( and an awesome massage at Tang Dynasty out first 24 hour parlor visit )

Gotta love the soy mocha here ( Chongs !! Our soy coffee saga will continue here !) . Truffle mushroom soup was also great - will be better with bread.

Love the gratinated hollandaise sauce with my eggs florentine, had a nice crisp. Nat clearly enjoyed her capellini and we actually wanted to try the Octopoke salad ( which she eventually did and sent me the what's app photo which I very enviously put up cos it's so gorgeously plated!)

Revisit coming up soon. Such a meddie gathering , saw 2 mos( and H whom I bumped into at the one shenton outlet - we are big fans of jewel) and one retired fellow colleague. Admire the guts to drop a pre set path for a untrodden one to chase her dreams. All the best, join ya one day :-)

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