Thursday, February 12, 2009

Ah Hock Kaya Roti, Tom's Palette

Yoou'd have read a few posts (i almost typed toasts) back that i was on a kaya toast saga trying many many from Ya Kun and Wang Cafe and here I am at the ONLY kaya toast joint in Clementi. Yes you heard me right, there is no chain stores here (unless Ah Hock is one of them) and there is no pancake/soya bean chains here too. Clementi is officially untainted with the perils of commercialisation and franchises.

I was here for breakfast while on a break from an assignment nearby and I was craving for kaya toast...haha all your influence, Kelly...So here I was at Ah Hock Kaya Roti (Clementi). It is facing a bus-stop facing the Clementi Sports Complex, and is right next to the Macs. The small shop is run by a young couple and offers all those toast sets, and waffles ( with the machine strategically placed right in front of the shop)

I ordered the Kaya toast set which came with the kaya toast, eggs, and I topped up 20 cents to get the Yin Yang (coffee-tea) drink. Yeah I still havent learnt from my overdose of caffeine oh well. The toast was nothing to shout about, the Kaya is certainly the canned commercial ones. I miss Tong Ah very much!
I love soft boiled eggs and runny yolks. No sauce and pepper, just dunk kaya toast into eggs and eat!!
Or you can dunk into the Yin Yang tea....alright thats a little extreme....but the Yin Yang here is quite can actually distinguish each flavour even though both were really strong. Just the thing to perk up a sleepy in the morning!
Like I said, untainted by the Mr Bean/Jollibean chains, I have to get my soybean fix from Heng Heng Sugar cane and Bean Juice in the Clementi hawker centre, manned by this funky auntie in denim her! Its really cheap at 70 cents for a big big cup!
I just love the hustle and bustle of Singapore waking up and this is especially so in the wet market. The dynamics are really interesting to watch.
And I still think the aunties selling stuff are funky in their unique fashion right.
And I was back at Tom's Palette (Shaw Leisure Gallery, Level 1) for the third time. I like coming back to Tom's because it is a surprise each time I return.. There are always new flavours for me to try, so much so that I don't really eat those main-stay ones as much - even thought they are my timeless favourites, like the sea salt caramel cheesecake.

This time round, I tried the new flavours Wasabi Lime - I hate wasabi but the wasabi was rather light and lime more prominent, I liked the creamy thick Horlicks (which I chose), Apple Pie was good but I chose the Rosemary and Apple eventually. The Strawberry had icy bits of sorbet in it which I didn't like.

Rosemary and Apple, Horlicks

Rosemary and Apple was really unique. Usually, Rosemary is added to the stuffing in turkeys and then eaten together with cranberry sauce. This icecream has a strong herby taste but the sweetness of the apple balances it out.

And I love the creamy Horlicks! It is really thick and yummy. I bet Horlicks milkshake will be awesome stuff! With some chocolate bits and a scoop of Baileys icecream! Okay okay I imagine too much. Have a good Niu year ahead anyways. I found this animal on the counter of Tom's rather adorable. I'm destined to like only stuffed animals or animals on my plate. Muaha. Next entry will be a meaty one, in more ways than this space.

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