Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Bar at Morton's, Ice Cream Gallery

Cel and Fly organised this get together for the Martini hour at the Bar at Morton's (Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Level 4) and the very same day Rous asked me to go for another cocktail hour somewhere else but all of us all got together here in the end.

Whats funny is that the original people who were supposed to come (eventually it got postponed to Thursday sorry for that inconvenience babes!) were one hour late - so from 5-6pm, the impromptu folks happily had their fair share of steak sandwiches... Rous was the earliest (I think she's only ever early for this kinda food offer) followed by Nat and Marcus. Poor Huilin was waiting at Marina Square for Fly and Cel so finally at 6pm we all assembled in the very crowded bar. It was quite full house!

For those of you not in the know, the Bar at Morton's has free flow steak sandwiches served butler style with every order of the following marinis at $11.95: Cosmopolitan, Appletini, Lychee Martini and Chocolate Martini. The martini hours are from 5-7pm on weekdays. No reservations here - you must come at 5pm to secure your table!

My lychee martini...now when I've this drink I think of the lychee martini icecream at Seventh Heaven..
Rou's Chocolate Martini... the alcohol is quite strong and there are many many chocolate flakes inside its quite fun to fish them out with your straw! I had this when I came here the first time some time ago.
Nat's Cosmopolitan..
Marcus' Appletini...around the rim of the martini glass is a layer of cinammon powder and I'm quite sure you can tell he managed a sip before I shot this..
I think I must have had 8 of these fillet mignon steak sandwiches - the meat is quite inconsistently done though, some are well done like above and some are bloody medium rare...but we enjoyed them nonetheless - what we don't like is if the chunk of bread is thicker than the bread and is lathered with too much mayo!
I must say all of us were very excited when the waitress brings a tray of the sandwiches up to the bar! All bracing for the reach towards the sandwiches lol it was quite funny, our expressions will totally change and we'd stop short our conversations - yar you can feel the greed. There was this instance we wiped out the entire tray (there were 7 of us) leaving just one sandwich behind - and the strange waitress brought the tray to the next table and when the 2 guys asked her if they'll be bringing more she actually told them to split the sandwich into half...hilarious..
Rous wanted to drag us to the other cocktail place but Fly, Nat and I wanted icecream so between Udders, Seventh Heaven and Ice cream Gallery (Valley Point) it was the latter we chose , more for the convenience than anything else..
I sampled the flavours at the Ice cream gallery outlet in the East before but Kelly and I were totally turned off by the rude service there we crossed the road to have Cheng Tng at Yue Lai Xiang instead...Here the service is nothing but great though. The 2 girls that served us were extremely friendly.
This shop is much bigger than the East outlet, with ample seating. They also serve savoury food as well. The previous time I sampled the Whisky Prune and I really liked it so I was sure I was gonna eat it.
The lychee was weak though (maybe the lychee martini at Morton's did me in....) and the other alcoholic flavours here didn't strke a cord with us - Strawberry Champagne tasted like a normal strawberry sorbet, and the Kirsch Cherry was a little too light..
Everyone liked the Honey Nut (which is quite nougety) but I still liked my whisky prune.. I think it is the best alcoholic flavour they have.
On this side, the Earl Grey and Fig was very good. The sea salt caramel cant beat Tom's! And we eventually chose the D24 of cos, which they are famous for and B recommended it to me a long time back (but I never got the chance to try it till now)
Earl Grey and Fig, Belgian Chocolate, Sea Salt Caramel and Roasted Nut
The Earl Grey and Fig was the best of the lot, it is so rare to find tea in your ice cream, let alone Fig! The subtle sweetness of the bits of fig tasted oh so good with the earl grey.
Similarly, I liked the bits of roasted nut inside the Sea Salt Caramel icecream (which Tom's doesnt have). Anything with nuts, I like! I love the aroma of the roasted nuts.
And the Belgian Chocolate was good as well - if you like it dark, you will like this.
Honey Nut,D24 Durian, Plum Whisky
We started eating the D24 first cos we were scared that it will melt and contaminate the whole tub - it is really quite good! and not very smelly and contaminating...it is almost as good as eating the durian itself..although I think the MaoShanWang at Udders is more potent...
Nat and I liked the Plum Whisky most. The whisky is quite strong and there are bits of fruit in it as well.
As I said, the Honey Nut was nougaty..its like having toblerone icecream..not bad if you like sweet milky icecream..
Everyone really really liked Ice Cream Gallery and they were all glad I dragged them here.
After that we rushed all the way to Cineleisure wanting to catch Benjamin Button/Slumdog/The Wrestler - no we're not Oscar junkies - but guess which we caught in the end...
No its not Button..we watched the Wrestler and I think it is an awesome show if you can stomach the gore... it depicts the isolation of someone when he devotes his life to his passion - Wrestling consumed his life and burns all the other bridges - it was as if, he can't function in the real, mundane human world away from the glorified world of wrestling. He couldnt fight for the love of his daughter and the love for his life the way he fought in the ring. I think Mickey Rourke was a really strong contender for the Oscars - pity for the loss.

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