Friday, February 27, 2009


It was a nice start to the electives - first day of Paeds elective, on the excuse of getting back all my notes from Chong, we met up for lunch at Gunther's (36 Purvis Street). The lunch was almost not meant to be - the Prof kept changing his mind about whether the afternoon tut was on (and thus horrible science canteen food) or not (food freedom) and thank goodness this happened.
And I did make a promise to myself to make my best effort in school to account for the treat...unfortunately.....treat first worry later is always a sign of should be like M's one month long wait (just nice the length of the elective) for Buko Nero..
convenient parallel parking right alongside the restaurant, but very ex its a dollar per half hour not counting the numerous gantries into City Hall!

Complimentary Bread Roll
A tad too hard for our liking and not warm and nicely toasted. I miss the olive bread from Iggy's!
Braised Portobello mushroom, egg sunny-side-up
This was my appetiser - the mushroom was really bursting with flavour with the rich stock, but one mushroom and one egg is a little too....little!

Roasted prawns à la Parisienne

Chong was not much better with her 2 prawns - though they were extremely fresh and crunchy but again....its TWO prawns.. We kinda need greater quantities to appreciate the food, French portions are miniscule!

Char-grilled US grain-fed Ribeye, confit of onion

This was the Chef's creation and this was Chong's - she had a choice between the Ribeye and the cordon bleu. But she decided to go for the steak after all (cos I was pushing her =P) and we were glad we did cos it was a great slab of meat - simply grilled but it had such a great smokey flavour to it. No fancy sauces but it was so good in its meat juices it was just divine, just as a steak should be. I ate most of her confit it was really yummily soaked in the meat juices!

Angel-hair pasta, chili Monte Poro, kombu, dried prawns, chives

I actually wanted to go for the carbonara but requested to change the meat - and the waiter suggested either doing the pasta with prawns or cod fish - I chose the latter, and oh boy this is really good! I'm getting to like angel hair pasta - the other one i really enjoyed was the Sakura Ebi Cappelini at Iggy's. Again this was a simple dish executed perfectly - the pasta al dente, and tossed lightly in olive oil and every strand was just delicious - the condiments enhancing every bite. And the cod fish was so smooth and tasty! We both really liked this.

Both the Ribeye and the pasta are available on the ala carte menu as well.

Creme Caramel

This was really sweet - but the creme caramel was really smooth and delicious. One queer thing was that the caramel in mine was much darker than Chong's. Maybe it was more concentrated caramel goodness! This did us in, we were super full after this super sugar loaded dessert.

Petit Fours

This was a dark chocolate slab, a magdeleine-looking sugar coated orangey pastry, and a chocolate-centred thin cookie. We really like the cookie cos it had a fluidy chocolate centre, and the dark chocolate was our next favourite. The middle one was quite a disaster.


I wanted a flat-white but they didnt have it so they served us Latte...

I must say that the service here is impeccable - when the waiter noticed that I didn't finish my Latte (now I don't really dare to finish a coffee entirely cos of the massive nausea from the Coffee Bean breakfast set), he asked whether I wanted to change my coffee. Also, when I wanted to change the meats in my carbonara, he actually made an effort to ask Chef Gunther himself - they were so flexible they allowed me to change the entire pasta itself - he did it so differently, just to cater to my choice of pasta. And of cos, Chef Gunther also came out to greet us - we were one of the last people to leave.

We really had a good meal - but straight after that I was still hungry I ate 2 peanut pancakes from Jollibean while I was at Daiso at PS! I know this is a rather anti-climatic end to the meal but I can't seem to downsize my appetite!


brad said...

how much is the damage? haha! but oh mine, you still not full after this, the serving portions so small eh, or your appetite too big :p

julie said...

its about 45 all in...yah my appetite is just insane!

as for morton's.. i had 7 to myself of cos! the frequency is about the same as a year back..about once every 15 minutes...maybe u can try taking 2 sandwiches at once! And if you have many people in the group you can wipe out most of the tray they don't really care...

and molly malone's burger is quite and chips is proportional to its cost - would rather have 2 servings of greenwood's takeaway for that price actually!

brad said...

wah! you had 7 alone? can take so many eh? haha! cos i heard their sandwiches finish very fast, so in that short time span cant take that many also