Friday, February 13, 2009

Food trail at Golden Mile Food Complex and Old Airport Road Food Centre, Potluck at Sheryl's house

Kelly and i met for lunch (after my relief stint) so that we could hunt for stuff to bring for potluck at Sheryl's. Since we were on the way to ECP we dropped by Golden Mile Food Complex (our drop by almost always means trying alot more than we originally thought) for the second time to try the elusive ROC pizza that was closed the first time we were here. Actually we were checking out our luck cos the parking there is always full even on off peak meal hours - the first time I parked at the Golden mile complex opposite where all the Malaysian tour buses depart from and the parking was crazy expensive. We managed to get a lot within a few steps of the hawker centre! Better eat more when we have the chance.

I first read about this stall in ieatishootipost. It is run by a young man (who seems to magically appear when he receives his orders from the other lady that mans the stall) and he serves thin crust pizzas here. When I was there there was a new offering - a beef salami pizza which seemed quite interesting.

Chicken sausage and Button Mushrooms, $7

His pizzas come in two sizes and are made on order. The base is tomato and there were plenty of yummy sausages, our only gripe being the insufficient cheese. The crust is really thin and the edges are crispy - but the outtermost borders were too burnt! Not packing as much flavour as Pepperoni's, but this is almost a quarter of the price. Indeed it feels like I'm having cheese and crackers, with meat.

Check out how thin the crust is! Even the sausage is thicker than the crust!
Still although we didnt walk much from the car it was still a sweltering hot day (I'm sure by now you can sense I'm quite heat intolerant) so we had Zhao An Grass Jelly again..our second visit cos we missed the smooth gliding grass jelly alot!
Hot Grass Jelly

Don't ask me why Kelly chose the hot version...

Cold grass jelly, $1.30

But i chose the icy version! Still as smooth as ever, perfect with ice. The lady tends not to add much sugar syrup so it tastes quite bland but I appreciate the texture much more this way when the sugar syrup doesnt overwhelm the jelly.

This was the other Western food stall that appeared on ieatishootipost - Pasta Planet so we decided to give it a go (although we forgot we were gonna have pasta at Sheryl's ). There were many many articles in the media, but we decided to try what the chef recommended.

Marinara, $5.50

We chose the seafood pasta - you have a chose of the type of pasta you want so its cooked upon order. The pasta is tossed in a tomato sauce with a spicy kick to it, and there was cheese dusting the pasta. The best part of the dish though, was the seafood. The squid was REALLY fresh and tasty! I could eat a whole plate of that. There were also small clams and prawns. Kelly was rather amused by the big shell right atop the pasta. The pasta was quite flat though, the flavours didn't really permeate through.
We were craving for some rojak so we decided to head down to Old Airport Road Food centre for it. But of cos we didn't stop at rojak, we made many new discoveries too! I think Old Airport Road will soon beat Maxwell for having more of our favourite stalls!
By the time we reached the hawker centre it was past the peak lunch hour already so the guy at Toa Payoh Rojak prepared our rojak pronto. This stall is run by an old(not I say one, its in Makansutra =P) husband and wife team with his son in law so it was prob the son in law that served us. Not sure how busy he can get or if he really utilises that queue system number - a good way to keep track of sales though, Kels and I were calculating his income for the day =P
Rojak, $4

Its self service so although we sat very near the stall we waited and waited (cos silly us thought he'd just bring it over) but he was simply too busy. We couldnt wait to try cos this stall was selected as a Makansutra Street Food Master and we love rojak so we couldnt wait to eat the die die must try dish.

What we loved about the rojak was the extremely fragrant assam hae ko sauce. The you tiao was also extremely sweet and freshly roasted - it tastes like it was coasted with sugar bits cos it was so crispy and sweet! The slippery cuttlefish was a joy to eat with the sauce too. Heck, everything tasted very good with the sauce - the pineapples, ban guang. Kelly liked the tau pok very much. What we wished for was more generous peanuts and a larger portion - we should have just gone for the biggest one at $5! - We eventually went back to takeaway the $5 portion to bring to Sheryl's potluck.

And Kelly was really thirsty after all that salty food so she got a drink from here (totally ignoring that fruit juice stall recommended in Makansutra =p even though it had her favourite plum juice) and it was a new discovery.
Soya bean with grass jelly, guess how much!

This is only 70 cents! (See how much those soya bean chain stores are ripping us off for the convenience) The grass jelly was smooth and went very well with the soya bean milk. Very good! But this is not the best soya bean discvoery! Read on!
Another comfort food I like to eat is chee cheong fan and the other place I quite like is the one at Killeney Road - House of Rice rolls and porridge. But again this stall Freshly made Chee Cheong Fan is recommended on ieat so we decided to give it a go.

Prawn Chee Cheong Fan, $2

The chee cheong fan here is freshly made on order and oh wow this was SUPERB! The silky smooth sheets just melt in your mouth and it was tasted so good on its own we didnt need the sambal chilli much. The prawns were extremely fresh and crunchy too. Fantastic with the light broth and the fried shallots. We're gonna come back and try the scallop chee cheong fan the next time round.

Oh but we were quite turned off by the lady cos she was really sour faced throughout the entire episode and there wasnt even any other customers to keep her busy - maybe cos she was eating her meal and hungry people arent happy people. Oh well but the food is too good we will still go back!
Then I recognised this stall, again on ieat, for its handmade fish noodles - its noodles made entirely from fish meat. Think fishballs in the form of noodles. I realise when I went back home that Citizoom Minced Fish Noodle has actually a few franchises and the original one is at Aljunied.
Handmade fish noodles, $2.50
This dish is really very healthy tasting - every thing here is very cheng. The fish balls are very good - very springy and firm to bite. Then there are some fish flakes and vegetables to top the very interesting noodles.
The noodles are gelatinous and chewy and have this rough texture - it is so unique that I think you should try it if you love fishballs - they are really fishball in strands.

This is the famous Wang Wang Crispy Puffs. Kelly and I were stuffed from the very long lunch so we took away 4 original curry puffs and 1 black pepper one. They ran out of the sardine one, and we didn't dare to try the yam paste one.
Despite sitting there on the counter, it was still fresh and hot after you put your curry puffs in the microwave. (But i think toasting it might be nicer). The curry puffs are flaky but more substantial than the ones at Crispy 1A Curry puffs which have a thinner flakier pastry..
The Old Days Delight shop next door was THE DISCOVERY OF THE DAY!
Pancakes, 60 cents each
We were initially drawn to the pancake shop cos the pancake shape is so unusual it looks like a curry puff! But! The pancakes were not the highlight (even though they were good).
The uncle was extremely friendly and offered to make fresh ones for us. We took away 4 pancakes - 1 each of chocolate and cheese (freshly made on the spot) and peanut and coconut. No the friendly uncle was not the highlight.
This is!!! The beancurd is SUPERB! While waiting for the pancakes to be ready, the enteprising uncle suddenly whipped out some samples of this bean curd and I swear Kelly was rather suspicious but I was game to try and boy it was so good we ordered a large one all for ourselves and 4 large ones to take away!! That was how good it was!
FANTASTIC bean curd, Large, $1.50
Kelly is the soya bean queen (she must have her soya bean almost everyday) and she was totally blown away by this dessert. This is unlike other tau huays around - those are bland curds and sweetened by a sugar syrup. This beancurd on the other hand tastes like a soya bean custard - it is really cold and melts in your mouth to release the sweet soya bean goodness! It is sweet on its own and is VERY VERY GOOD! We suspect its also the temperature at which the curd is eaten - it tastes very good when chilled and is extremely wobbly. We couldnt stop raving about it so we bought 4 more to share with our cg mates at the potluck.
So armed with the rojak from Toa Payoh Rojak, Wang Wang Crispy Puffs, 4 pancakes and 4 beancurds, we were ready to share our finds with our cg mates. (so we contribute more to the food pile than consume them) We were originally planning to buy stuff back from East Coast Road and Frankel Ave but the rain was a deterrent and we didnt expect to find so many interesting things at Old Airport road!
Kelly and I were early so we helped Sheryl with the spaghetti...
chopping up the ingredients..
The butter was Jason's downfall..
Don't these cuttlefish balls look like pacman?
All the food! The only one you might not recognise is the chicken wings right at the end of the table courtesy of Jason.
Rojak, $5 from Toa Payoh Rojak
Got quite soggy from the waiting and waiting (to be eaten) but the sauce again is phwoah. Kelly and I ended up cleaning the plate towards the end.
Wang Wang Crispy Curry Puffs, $1.30 each
The black pepper one was quite good, surprisingly, although Kelly was rather suspicious of it. But of cos the original curry chicken one was really good. The pastry is once again, more substantial than the thinner, flakier puffs at Crispy 1A Curry puffs, and doesnt crumble as much as the latter. Both stalls are good in its own right.
Pancakes, 60 cents each, from Old Days Delight
The chocolate ones were the favourite of most, because the dark chocolate melted when we placed them in the microwave. The peanut one was also a hot favourite - the peanut was extremely fragrant and gritty. The coconut was a dull orange and quite bland and the cheese was not that strong. But we loved the dough - very soft and fluffy.
Beancurd, $1.50 from Old days Delight
The amazing beancurd. Enough said
Yummy Baileys courtesy of Kumaran (who's our official CG alcohol supplier)
Ingenious combination of Baileys and soya bean curd, this was excellent. No its not a waste of alcohol, this was accentuating the Baileys okay.
Sorry Sheryl's brother, we ate so much of your hard Jap candy! I loved the brown ones.
China cookies, courtesy of Kumaran
Mine! Its some bean cookies that melt in your mouth, extremely smooth and yummy!
We stayed on to watch Bubble Boy (although I dozed off midway) Everyone left and I was with Sheryl catching an episode of House before heading home. I dunno why I was so drowsy throughout the movie!
I have a feeling I am gonna miss my CG very much.


ratatouille said...

if u go old airport rd market again, do try the lor mee stall which is between the rojak and the belgian waffles. It always has a long q during lunch time and it's sold off after 2pm!

low said...

Oh I wasn't aware tt the fruit drink stall had plum juice! I wonder why my fellow food companion didn't tell me =P. I would have gotten it to cleanse my palate! Esp after the rojak haha. In retrospect, i would have missed out on trying the surprisingly good 'hei-bai' grassjelly soya bean milk if i had gotten plum juice..hmm..

anyway i usually prefer grassjelly that's piping hot! there's another reason why i ordered the hot version despite it being such a hot day. As u've mentioned, the auntie adds sugar syrup sparingly, so the ice version will taste much blander than the hot one "> haha u didn't try my hot version did you?

julie said...

ratatouille: by the time we went most of the popular stalls were closed! which was not a bad thing cos we made some interesting discoveries

low: hahaha babe, the stall is called Jimmy's corner and the drink is the sour plum/lemon juice - makansutra says its thick salty sour and sweet wahhhhhhh!my nightmare!!lemon!!

i don't remember your grass jelly being super hot though? but i really cannot tahan, must have some ice, it was sweltering!

ratatouille said...

like reading your blog everytime. its like a food trail around sg. keep it up!

julie said...

thanks ratatouille! im glad you enjoy reading it as much i like penning these experiences!