Friday, October 9, 2009

Bella Pizza, Laurent's

Finally met M, Fly and Cel at Bella Pizza.(30 Robertson Quay #01-14 Riverside View) We got lost finding this place! It is the row of restaurants facing the river as you walk in the direction towards Clarke Quay.

After bantering over how many dishes to order, we had this starter of eggplant lasagna first - surprisingly this got me thinking about the giant eggplant I had at Ikoi, and the fantastic Italian eggplant I had at Big D's (which I'll blog about soon). I like Big D's version, followed by Pietrasanta. Bella's has too much tomato sauce for me... and the eggplant's a little too soft.

Salmon (Red Pizza)
With generous pieces of extremely salty smoked salmon, it wasn't as red a pizza as I'd expect it to be.
Pizza Bianca - mascarpone cheese, mushrooms and truffle. This was way too light for me. You must eat it quick when its served, for when it hardens and coagulates its like eating hard cheese on bread. The crust here is comfortably chewy - not too thick. Somehow I like the crust at Da Mario's better - more crisp.
Fettucine with Italian sausage and truffles with a touch of cream Pasta was way too tough, and was salty... Juststick to the pizzas here.
Crepes with Nutella and Mascarpone, with Bananas
Nutella makes everything nice, period.

Whilst Fly and I were describing the break, M laughed at us for it being even more dull than school life whilst Cel went as far to say that sch is better than hols?! Hello?! Not laughing at you babe, M and I really couldnt suppress the sniggering at the best chicken rice ever.

M and I actually receed the area last fri to hunt down for Bella Pizza when we spied on the ice cream booth at Laurent's Cafe & Chocolate Bar (80 Mohamed Sultan Road #01-11 The Pier @ Robertson) but didnt get a chance to return to cos Caroline lost her wallet. Today we had chocolate and I had the extremely soft Pistachio - it was melting away and was extremely creamy, it had a mild spicy aftertaste.

Met up with Cel and Fly again at Butter after - along with Huilin, Nik, Zj and his bunch of friends. I dislike the expensive parking at Fullerton.

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