Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Tanglin Tree, Epicurious, Paulaner Brauhaus

Thanks to all : Rous, Xue, Dom& Nat for the lovely brunch at The Tanglin Tree (56 Tanglin Road #01-01 Tanglin Post Office)
My salmon sandwich. Its as boring as it looks =P I can almost make it myself!
Go for the scrambled eggs and full works.
Doesn't it look good??? Comes with baked beans which Dom refused at first but later asked for it cos it turns out it was minced in with meat hence damn tasty, very unlike canned beans.
Nat's Prawn pasta. She's had better..
Banana bread to share, this was comforting, warm and toasty, with coconut drizzled all over for that extra bit of sugar rush.
Yoghurt and granola with fruits - replicable at home too...

Dom and Xue and I hung out more at Epicurious (60 Robertson Quay #01-02 The Quayside). It felt like a second lunch.
Our cheese platter, complete with grapes, Carrl's crackers (which you can top up!) and bread.
Apple Crumble is the real deal. The crusty layer with generous amount of digestive crumbs, with ample stewed apple chunks was excellent.
The bread and butter pudding, came like its name suggested, the bread AND the pudding, separated. I guess this dessert is alot more interesting when it is messier, not like the one here nor at Oriole, super neat.
The sticky date pudding started to taste as starchy as the bread and butter pudding after awhile and we were a little sugar intoxicated...
We wanted to bowl at Marina Square but the lanes were full so we had to play a (very painful) game of pool, before setting off for ANOTHER meal. Yes its dinnertime, already after our second lunch. We headed to Paulaner Brauhaus (9 Raffles Boulevard #01-01 Millenia Walk)
Love the complimentary bread platter here, arriving soft and warm and a range of spreads from good ol butter to even pate.
The beef stew goudash soup was excellent, if only we had more bread to mop up the chunky soup.
Roast beef was slightly raw, and thinly sliced, as I liked it.
But what really stole the show was the veal sausage with fries. Oh my, the fries. They were doused in curry powder and was really really excellent!
The lamb shank was also good, one hell of a tender chunk of meat, but as usual, much of the shank you get on your plate is the bone which looks most spectacular, but actually harbours quite little meat.
Sigh, eat so much....but I was still hungry so I went over to Kiliney Kopitiam (Marina Square) for kaya toast before managing to bowl. It was Xue's first time, and moreover in a short skirt!!! Really cant tell, at least she didnt gutter as much as I did.
My sneaky friends. Muaha.
I suddenly miss our partying days ALOT. Haha. Lets go again soon!

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