Saturday, October 3, 2009

Red Dot Brewhouse, Andy Moor

Met Chiara, Nat, Ian, Shiduan at RedDot BrewHouse (Blk 25A Dempsey Road #01-01 Tanglin Village (Dempsey Hill Green)and whilst waiting for Matt we started ordering the bar food first (Ian and Duan had to leave to go Geylang Serai!! ). Ian and Duan ordered the calamari whilst the rest had the potato cheese balls, as recommended by James the waiter.
Ian couldnt for the hell of him remember the SJI senior's name so it was only till James went up to host Bingo and introduced himself. We were trying to place his accent whilst Ian was getting us to have first impressions lol. Btw, Red Dot has this nightly Bingo game, and the 2 winners will get $50 vouchers on their next visit but of cos we weren't luckt enough.

Both potato cheese balls and calamari were excellent. The potato cheese balls is a mushier version of the Fried Mac and Cheese I had at Fromage. There were small bits of potato with cheddar cheese all in a pillow of fried batter.

The thick chunks of calamari were slightly spicy and I think it was doused in curry powder. This is a cheaper alternative to the calamari over at Da Mario's (though its much lighter here).

This is the chocolate whiskey lava cake and is one of the better lava cakes I've tried simply because the molten chocolate core has a tinge of whiskey in it (you must poke at the right parts). Its quite an ingenious idea.
Tropical Creme Brulee - I couldnt really taste much of the creme brulee after the rich cake but the chocolate icecream was good. Should have tried the banana tiramisu.
Tried to order the Spirulina Beer but no thanks to the waiter we learned the name of this was the Monster Lager Beer. According to Matt who arrived at the grand time of 1030pm its his liangteh (and my poison) and his 'slice of bread' worth of calories. The spirullina is supposed to boost your immune system and fight against infections like HIV according to the menu, which is a whole load of bull, even in my sparse knowledge of ID.

Matt's education of the ignorant girls then began about the work in Shanghai and the insane insane hepatotoxicity. Unimaginable justifying of his poison, and mine too =P
Later proceeded onto Zouk for Andy Moor, with Chong and Nat. It wasnt the most exciting trance event and the encore was most disappointing, with the dj trying to tease the crowd to naught effect.
The quickest supper full in suspense lies in this bowl of fish porridge. Lightning and TP alert!! looks like I am still not scared of the row of shophouses by River Valley Road, not scared enough to still have supper beside my car!


Anonymous said...

Ahh.. Now I'm regretting not trying the whiskey cake when I went reddot! Sounds good!

Scotminique said...

why wasnt i invited? :((
red dot's shitake is goood!

the other zoukette :)

julie said...

yeah i love anything with an alcoholic touch, so Im currently obsessed with the chocolate whiskey at udders! the chocolate lava cake here is not bad.

at first we thought we were given vip treatment cos we knew the waiter thus given 2 cakes but turns out its supposed to be that way.....

oh it was impromptu! hey pvd is coming lets all go for that..!