Thursday, October 8, 2009

Itacho Sushi

Celebrated the bro's birthday at Itacho Sushi (2 Orchard Turn #B2-18 ION Orchard) cos I had a fantastic experience at Itamae Sushi in Hong Kong (so I guess, B you can try this outlet! since you commented on my post then...). This outlet is not bad too, but I guess I miss the conveyor belt where they rolled out many many interesting shell fish sushi and creative versions of sushi that got me to try a huge variety then in Hk. Here in Singapore there is only a bar where you can catch the chefs in action, but if you're in a big group (like my family!) then you sit at the normal restaurant tables.
Waited in the queue for a short while (comparing to the time we waited faithfully for our number to flash in the queue system - they imported the same system here!) before we were ushered in...they also have slips of paper where you can place your orders - it can get quite confusing cos there are different colours for different orders but here in Singapore they pamper you (you don't pay for service for nothing!) and take your orders but in HK you order through those slips of paper with tiny words lol.
guess this entry's gonna be a pictorial unless the food deserves some comments...
Ebi/Ebi Miso, Crab/crab miso, Flying Fish Roe with cheese, Caviar, Curry lobster.
Eel ($6) this is a really huge long long portion for $6, considering its supposed to a sushi.
Crab Salad ($4) - a case of an overdose of mayo.
Roasted egg (warm) - love the consistency of these.
Wagyu beef rolls
Jumbo Scallop Sushi -the same ones that blew me away in HK but somehow it seems like fresh here. Didn't try the conch or zaru which I liked in HK though they have it here.
Salmon with roe, smoked salmon
Eel with egg mini don ($5)
Spicy Sashi Mini Don ($5)
Thought I might order a few mini dons instead of one large don but guess what the dons are like sushi served in a very large plate! Super ripped off, the portion is TINY (ok its ironic that im using caps to emphasise how puny it is.) . Just a little angsty about it. Just order the sushi.
Soft Shell Crab hand roll
Crabmeat chawan mushi - had a crab claw and huge mushroom inside the warm egg, with plenty of shredded crabmeat atop. Exact replica of the one in HK.
My sister's udon set
Guess there were some that I didn't capture cos there were too many.... it somehow feels very different not sitting by the counter!! The company matters too, the way our eyes lit up simultaneously as each dish rolled by the conveyor belt =)

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Bobby said...

Hey...the sushi really looks tempting and yummy! Ok, I shall visit it soon with my buddy..