Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Ghim Moh Food Centre, Ion

After the Geri EOPT with the nice nurse conducting (and doing also!) the test and us exchanging papers to mark, our group minus Jeremy (happily going to Comex) adjourned to Ghim Moh Food Market for brunch.

I have been eating the thosai at Heavenly's Curry (Ghim Moh Food Centre) since my fam med days at John Chiam, and today was no exception, except I was trying out what was recommended in Makansutra - the cheese appom.

The cheese appom is an Indian snack I have never tried before and it definitely got me hooked. It has a central pancake sponge core and fanning from it is a crisp crepe layer. I figured the best way to eat it is to divide it into pizza slices, so that you get some of the cheese and chewy pancake central core, with the crisp crepe section, throw in some orange sugar and coconut and roll it all up!

Marc bought many many boxes of food back and when the rain came, we had a prolonged discussion on the role of women in the Asian society - surprising how some in our group actually consider being house-men =P Man being physically stronger, are goal and results driven: they must come home with the kill, the meat, the money and everything is measurable tangibly. Whereas women being the emotional and communicative creatures, contribute to society by intangible means - how do you measure the success of rearing your offspring? - and hence, despite the multitasking in running the household and family(to me it being the harder task of both sex's responsibilities) has been deemed unimportant, unvalued, and hence the diminished statue of the women in society

Ah Baling Stall (Ghim moh Market) - had Peanut, Yam (6 for $2) in an excellent peanut based soup. Brings me back straight to JC days, and extremely heart warming in rainy days.

Kelly and I then zoomed to my house to watch Away from Her and Ratatouille. Away from her was too melodramatic for us and Ratatouille's plot and character development was inherently weak. We headed to Ion (by default cos 77 came first) and there are many many surprising finds esp in Food Opera. Jeremy forewarned us that the food there was too generic and not nice but we disagree. The Breadtalk Group has indeed roped in many famous hawkers and we have already eyed many of these stalls!First we went to try Gindara Takopachi (B4, Ion orchard). There is only one flavour - octopus. I loved how crisp it was, and the innards piping hot and eggy - what is different here is that there is pink ginger as pointed out by Kelly. And what would make a difference is the seaweed powder and flakes like what we had in Shenzhen. I could easily eat a dozen on my own.Here we had the set for 1 - 6 balls and a matcha float. The matcha has a strong powdery taste, and the vanilla soft serve neutralises the grittiness of it

We then walked into Food Opera and was first distracted by Luk Yu Teahouse - Kelly was trying hard not to be lured by the Bo Lor Bun - think we might return for the dim sum another time.But we couldnt resist the SGkueh(Food opera, B4, Ion Orchard)! This was originally at Amoy and we wanted to try when we were with Sheryl and Weixin the other time but they were closed.We had the set of Ondeh Ondeh (and others) and a Durian ondeh ondeh. We highly recommend the original ondeh ondeh (comes in a box of 6 for $2.50 or in another set of 2 plus other kueh). The liquid gula melaka that spills out, with a cube of brown sugar right in the core is quite sensational! But one of the set of 6 that Kelly bought needed QC cos it was leaking!!
Check out the gula melaka.. slurp.
The durian ondeh ondeh was rather disappointing though. It was like eating durian cake (the ones you get in a tube) in a kueh, dusted in coconut, completely no contrast in flavour at all.

We also had the D24 crepe - but the Angie's choice version of the durian crepe is much better - alot creamier with much better quality durian filling.Just go there for the ondeh ondeh.
We also shared the Meizhen Haka Delicacies (Food opera, B4 Ion Orchard) - Yam Abacus balls. This was fantastic, chewy starch balls with plenty of shrimp and shallots. It was a grease bomb, but the savoury flavours were awesome. The original stall is at a very inaccessible place so we were so glad to find it here. We'll probably try the yam porridge and the glutinious rice here soon.
Dropped by Provence to get the milk buns (finally! they always get sold out here). But I must say that the milk custard within is getting lesser and lesser - I shall go back to Holland V's branch to QC.Anyway, am looking for a phone and when I was at the Singtel shop, I spotted the LG crystal phone (which hung on me, sigh), and considering between the E71 (pretty but old model) or the Samsung OMNIA II or Jet - didnt have much luck with my previous U300 though, repairing it XX times. Kels was aghast by the radiation of her phone, whilst I'm still browsing. Totally too lazy to go to COMEX (this is a rather dated entry) but I guess shall just sit on it, whilst waiting for 15 Oct.

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