Thursday, March 18, 2010

Cafe Hacienda, Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief, The Flying Bread, Le Granier a Pain

After the lect 28 revision tips (with DG's hilarious anecdote of the DA that she also can do=P and low's nystagmus inducing posture, and EL's always threatening to leave), k and i headed to Cafe Hacienda (Dempsey). I quickly decided on Eggs Benedict with Salmon, and K decided to have the Pancakes.
Fluffy Pancakes were a tad too thick for our liking. Loved the combination of jam and butter and cream, whilst k was of cos enjoying the maple syrup and her salt. All my fruits to her.
In between a cake and a kueh, this Coconut Toast was anything but. It is really thick and dense, and not at all crisp (perhaps except along its edges). You'd love this if you like dense cakes.
We were at first surrounded by couples when we sat near the bookshelves (it was really full and noisy, and we were lucky to snag the last table), but when we shifted to next to the windows to discuss pv blds, there were groups of men streaming in in couples/ groups, which was rather disturbing as we were discussing og stuff. But a goddess managed to neutralise all that =)
We sat till 615 when we kinda go excused out..
The movie seating nowadays is insane, and even though we were there an hour earlier (there were many many timings btw), the 725pm seating for Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief was almost full save for the almost front row seats (which we took cos we were too desperate). Not that bad a neck stiffness we got.
We enjoyed the movie thoroughly, and it was an adventurous ride we loved, as compared to the Imaginarium. The search for the pearls took us through many different sets, and though the storyline was rather predictable, the choreography was beautiful, and I must say the young actors were convincing as well.
The Sun Chips (spicy) was the best, with us not touching the sweet potato ones at all =P This was pre dinner, as the movie was during dinner...
Walked further down to try The Flying Bread(313@ Somerset) - was really craving meats the whole time and had the set meal with the milkshakes - Avocado and Ferrero Rocher. I suggest you spend your calories on the breads instead. We just pretended we had vanilla milk shakes.
Beef for me and Chicken for Kels, and I liked the way the beef was marinated. The sauces was also quite delicious - there was mayonaise and a mint sauce. I kinda misst the days in Australia, when there were many kebab stalls near the clubs and it was great supper grub.
We went to Le Granier a Pain (313 @ Somerset) and had the after 10pm discounted breads (yeah that was how late our dinner was, but perhaps in time for Kels). The meatball bread was really good still. Loved the chewy dough. (3 for the price of 2 after 10pm)
Cheese breads with thick mozarella chunk within. Don't expect the melty oozy type, but good nonetheless.
Overheard some interesting convos from the couple beside, about the replication of similar bakeries and rental woes (bagging stalls much before opening). How interesting owning a business must be, it's such a dynamic job.

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