Sunday, March 28, 2010

Fatty Bom Bom

This is the end of the darkest period of my life...never got to see sunlight for 4 weeks!!
I can only say there's much affinity between fat boys (obese till breasts bigger than mine!! =/) and me for paeds...totally bungled the vsd with hugo tho the lady pointed out to me (ugh she pointed at aortic area still and they really proptosed when i said tof) but the last cute eldora saved the day with dr lees (thank you didnt know the only endocrin in sg was soooo nice!!!) i gave her jacob's rattler =) she kept casting my colour pencil and didnt mutter a word and kept running to her parents but so so cute she's all over the place!! she just stacked my blocks a bit and could follow my instructions and responded to her name. She plays with her cousins too but not dry by day or night but goes to a place when she needs to poop. omg so lovely. ok maybe daughters make better kids =) i change my mind, kelly heh. my son's sure to be so fat at the rate we feed.
As for med shorts, the first with dale f was really great tho he was so distended =) B: horrible, he had both AIN PLUS carpal tunnel, was made to retract 3 1/2 fingers to say 3 fingers. C: straightforward MR and i timed for a full minute for the AF! the third doctor crept up when so quiet suddenly no movement for so long =P
Med longs was a torture. Got a cauc dude who had copd/lung ca/pneumonect/colectomy and i swear he was parkinsoning away with the tremor! yeah it was a heart block issue which i happily ignored and wah lau how to manage...i also heart block =/ (thank goodness, for ying he had a parky moment and forgot all about the mitotic lung lesion)... paeds long was fat boy (sighhhhh...)with fatty liver and gerd and fatigue esp in school (i also very sleepy in sch i understand!!, and my fave period in sch was also recess time like you =)), and poor thing tried starvation!!!!
Surg was this lovely lady who didnt know diagnosis of her bp but really tried her best to help me by telling me the exact leg difference, and last min about her insoles and shoes. Even defended me in discussion about what teachers do and my steriod taking history =) thank you ma'am!
Surg shorts was a breeze - gangl - my heart dropped when i thought it was foot =foot drop, thank you for pointing out to me!!, lipoma on shoulder blade, lighting the balls of the bang's (with my bare hands, no less), (all 3 lumps lighted up!) and last undiagnosable abdo mass.
Thank you for the days of discussions(and movies!!!!!!!) kels, to jacob for those days in law and in school and practising on my brother!, and to james for that help that day with my sister, to daryl and marcus who helped my hopeless surg shorts, to mei mei and didi for allowing me to molest you guys =P to my mommy for all the fetching and pampering me with goodies, my gran for all the porridge during my sick days, to daddy too. My lovely cg for all the intolerable days b4 mbbs, and my anat group whom i began and ended med sch with, and the seminar room boys who do crack me up =D
Thanks Eldora, you really made my day. Sigh fatty booms!

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