Thursday, March 11, 2010

Wendy's. 360 Restaurant and Bar

The last weekend before the closure of wards, so Kels and I headed to tt and saw ataxic hemi, menierre's (thank u qy!), and a SN who kindly let us examine her bells'. Bumped into jj and shawn who phoned us about listed mvp with ie, and egged us to hear a pericardial rub =P

Midway, mr bean to the rescue, with an EXCUSE ME AHEM incident. lol bestie can be terrifying.

Anyway, we were on our way to the East and decided that on the way there, we shall go to Wendy's (Lau Pa Sat) since we've been thinking of going there for some time.

Anyway, on retrospect, my mom says that she used to bring us to Wendy's at Holland V, alot! And there was even a branch at Orchard Towers.

And I need to rant about the parking at Lau Pa Sat! Absolutely pathetic! There was a lane full of lightning (in the wrong direction, somemore) and I was first tempted, but then made another round and found a lot in the unloading area.....luckily it was chu san not that terrifying (but still, tourist buses galore despite the paucity of stalls)

1/2 pounder cheese burger for the protein to counter all the oncoming (but really much better) carbs. A rather dry, but substantial beefy patty, which is cutely squarish. You'd like this if you like a neat, ungreasy patty.

Fries was a cross between Macs and Mos, according to bestie. Eat it fast, or else the texture turns magically hardish.
The amazing beef chilli you can dunk your fries or burger in. They should so have a chilli cheese burger. Supposedly low fat and high in fiber.
The super yummy Chilli Cheese Baked Potato - didn't think they made a great match but of cos never judge its potato by its name.....right potus ? Possibly the best part of the meal.

No space for milkshakes (frostys!!) and looking around, the people dining here look like really hungry folks. Except that we were the only ones with large meals around.....yeah.

Wanted to study in, but then got sick of the atmosphere (and the poppish radio) so headed to ECP, missed the Macs, so zoomed down all the way to near the cable skiing place, where again I risked the parking.

It was around 4-ish and I was amazed that people were still stuffin seafood in the middle of the day (tea time, anyone?)
Strawberry Milkshake and Vanilla icecream in H-TWO-O (ridiculous, but nice, btw!) at 360 Restaurant and Bar. Many cute toddlers venturing around ( and one particularly liking this light pole next to me, and another in the restaurant wrestling the huge pooh bear), the 3 musketeers walking by most proudly feeling all in important in their cable suits.

It was really relaxing, watching cable-skiiers whiz by, looking at birds of the same feather (lians and bengs), the other end where foreign w were watching, and just gallons of beer guzzlers. Sunset was beautiful (cos we were sitting away hahahaha), and we left to J's for steamboat dinner (7 corn overload =P).
View from his rooftop....nightlife happening!
Even more happening was the UK minimart right behind to get my (durian) icecream fix....

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