Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Skinny Pizza, One Twenty-Six

Kels and I popped here for dinner after spending the day at Marc's. Picked her at novena at 315 (thank you for all the wonderful doritos and salt and vinegar and the breads esp the lobster curry !!) amidst the dread ful rain (thank goodness no sentosa today) n with some real confusing directions (its mount sophie !!!goldhill was buried in leaves lar haha) we reached Marc's, to find the boys busy playing tennis most electronically. (wm looked like he was getting thrashed).

Traded mbbs horror tales (the boys finally put down their gear after we came) and his mom came to join us having lived thru 2 boys worth of mbbs. Everyone enjoyed the blind side (after jeremy left) and we watched till the part that i stopped haha. love love sj the small boy to bits!! for once i appreciate younger bros (actually i appreciate aaron so much esp thru mbbs). Anyhow, thank you to marc and his mom for being great hosts!! Will never forget those days in your house pre mbbs too...

Marc's mom recommended a hot pot but we zipped to District 10 instead. We parked alongside the road and went in but weren't too enticed by the menu. I think we miss hawker food too much (the only decent one throughout mbbs was at adam road with jacob having kambing soup when i was sick lol).

Butter nut Pumpkin soup
Squid ink

We headed to Skinny Pizza (cos i wanted to avoided paying erp at 7.56pm yeah im a miser its 50 cents for 4 minutes!!!) at Borders Level 3. Were reminded of our truffle days....but we just ordered the Butter nut Pumpkin soup and the Squid ink Pizza. We were thinking between the pizzas - Truffle Mushroom or Veal or Roasted Pumpkin (think I ate the roasted pumpkin salad here before at House), and the soup White Bean Cappucino with Shredded Duck (tell me how interesting is that!!) but yeah....didn't cos the latter soup was not available and we couldnt possibly order both pumpkin soup and pizza...altho i think vegeterian pizzas are boring.

So we had Squid ink Pizza !! on retrospect, I had the Squid ink Paella at House before and Chong and I really loved it (and its huge portion). However the pizza base is NOT a crack - dunno why it was not as crisp as we've loved. Its like lao hong papadum. Tho the seafood toppings were really lovely - I'm sick of my gran's prawns but still loved the fresh seafood on top - calamari, prawn. and PLENTY of arugula leaves (not on my side but Kelly's haha). Not salty tho Bestie had to add salt AND tabesco onto the already soggy base.
As for the butter nut pumpkin soup- you're better off with the soups at the Soup Spoon or even the Hand Burger. First few sips tasted like curry and eventually too dilute..guys!!
I must say the service was really great tho the waiter took great care of us and asked us about the food (very few commercial joints bother) and explained why the base was soggy (a case of too much mayo)..great service!! =) by a foreigner too, no less.
Kels and I walked to Cathy so I could pick up the bag I saw with Mei yesterday (thanks for the walk!! bestie was totally chilled out poor thing please recover faster for your trip!!). Denim bag was totally worth the walk. of cos had the Mixed Ice cream (we love love the peanut grits) at the Ice cream Uncle at the Taka-Paragon pedestrian crossing (taka side). He's our favourite ice cream vendor and the best ice cream find pre mbbs. Haha!
Met Nat at One Twenty Six (Playground at Big Splash) - supposed to meet her at Tampines but I'll so totally get lost. For once I had alcohol and she had virgin cocktail lol. I had the Rose Wine and hers some totally girlish sweet drink (i also cant recall what and it was just 4 hours ago). She says its like Villa Bali but quieter. The music was way off but think when they have live singers it's much better. But loved loved the seats, the fountain, the lovely clouds and even the croacking frogs (i'm suddenly reminded of princess and the frog, jason !!! and your hilarious mbbs tale with abu r from jacob). We relived days leading up to this period, and updated on all the affliated lives concerned!! Have Fun in NY!!! And HK!! You'll be missed.

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