Thursday, March 4, 2010

Swiss Backerei

Second last day of Ortho already, went to crash the simple succint approach to bp at nuh, and picking up my pen torch-pens++-flags-halls lime and berry-before meeting kels at sgh (occular mg,flaccid p,super enthu uncle with ar) then we got a call from d about the tut with lee hc so we went to the east. At first we were deciding in the car whether to eat claypot at ECP but in the end, an early exit out of the expressway meant zooming down East Coast Road, passing by Frankel Ave, and eventually, venturing into this lovely quiet neighbourhood.
We checked out Bakery Depot round the corner, but decided to head to Swiss Backerei (Frankel Ave) and had a lovely brunch there. They have all day breakfast sets - from croques to rostis to crepes to quiches (the quiches come with a soup of the day)..

We had Croque with veal - amongst the other many options of mushrooms/tuna. This is a real wholesome thick toast - the top layer (which we started with) was most delicious, with the crisp cheese layer sinking into the soft wholemeal bread. We loved it to bits. We ate it by layers, with the thin pieces of veal meat right in between.

And the lady proudly said this was gonna be featured in a tv programme next week! Excited for her too!

Scrambled eggs with crepes and Chicken Sausage - we were wondering which was the best way to eat this, but I so totally recommend the Croque. We'll wanna try the rostis next!
This place is really homely, and we felt like we were in the host's dinner room having a meal. The lady owner (2 ladies own this place) was a great host, and reassured us a quick and good meal ! We were rushing to reach cgh by 3pm (but we finished our meal at 2.53pm =p) Kels got the Cheese twist and she loved it! She almost wanted to get the cheese loaf...
We saw a axil lump in the forbidden land,super flexi knee(bad need for pethidine!!) and a boutain. this place just makes us sweat and sweat so had to have our desserts . . . if you ever go to the east, must pop by here for the cheng tng, ingredients ++++. Tried to chalk up vascular, so was discussing ulcers (another super enthu pt), the hernia opped ald!!, and an incidental salivary gld with a tophi++ pt. Super enthu on call mo also to educate us on p neuro. Mr Bean saves our day =)

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