Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Brussel Sprouts

Its the end of the month (July) and handover took loonnng after the reg's meeting and the exit thereafter. Pek came back after her post call to meet us at 73 and we were waiting for them till past 7pm (a ridiculous for dim), when we then set off to Brussel Sprouts (Robertson Quay) courtesy of Norene.
We had an al fresco table for all of us, and it was packed. Presoccer time I suppose.
Everyone loves the cheese platter, crackers and fruits. Love the soft smelly cheeses!
Tempura prawns were not coated with crispy batter as I'd have liked
These portabello mushrooms were Norene's favourite.
Mussels in Lobster Bisque was the favourite of the night - everyone was scooping it out, and eventually I was dunking my fries into the broth. Yummms. Almost wanted to ask the chef to add pasta into the broth and re cook the whole lot (or jia1 mian4, as the Chinese calls it.). Greg's dare.
Mussels in white wine was the closet drinker's favourite lol
Gratinated Mussels were also very cheesy and yummy!
Between Yiks and me we polished 4 buckets of thick cut fries . Its FREE FLOW!
Wanted to head down to Laurent's but it was a workday and every one was to shag to stay any further so off we dispersed. Gonna miss the banter and imitation of the king of hid rejections so much! no more specific tables/lifts/columns anymore hahahaha.

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