Friday, July 9, 2010

Huber's Butchery, Artisteq

It was a day when I slept in but Chongs was restless to go after her unaccountable post mort meeting with kdr so we went off for brunch at Dempsey. Sadly House doesnt offer brunch on weekdays (it was a bright cheery Tuesday morning) and so we circled around. There's a new section at Dempsey and we happened to spot these two interesting cars.
So after almost exiting Dempsey, we spotted Huber's Butchery (Dempsey) and so we decided to take a chance. Im glad we did!
Gnocchi in Blue cheese is one big artery clumping chunk of happiness. Extremely dense pasta loaded chunk in smooth cheese, it was yumms!
My veal stew - was extremely tender and delicious. I substituted the mash with fries. Signature fries in fact but they tasted like macs actually.
Xue's beef burger. Equally good burger. Expected since its essentially a butchery so meats were extremely fresh.
This place is extremely pocket friendly but be prepared to sit in the heat.
The cow basks in heat the whole day long...
We browsed around Mandarin Gallery before the movie Monga and found this eerily amusing..
Popped by at Artisteq (Mandarin Gallery)... We really had too much time before Monga but we are not complaining...
We had an ice coffee with the dark chocolate icecream and we LOVED the ice cream! really dark and dense and delicious.
Iced Earl grey tea with ginger ice cream - this was less impressive than the one above. We wished more of the ice creams were available- we would have loved to try the vanilla champagne ice cream.
Monga is a smashing movie - i just love how colourful the characters and background is- the underworld is amazing, the dynamics of it. I also love how aggressive yet hilarious the hokkien language is. Esp now that i utilise it at work so often =P I shall rent it for home, i bet gran will love the movie loads!

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