Saturday, July 24, 2010


Bread basket
Seafood stew
Angel hair pasta with Roe and Sea Urchin
Squid ink pasta with fried eggplant and swordfish
Bruchatta Cheese Ravioli with asparagus and watercress
Chongs came over to SGH and from KPT we departed to Gattopardo (this vs Cuban at Customs) but we're glad we took the drive to Fort Canning. Amidst lovely shrubs, we made our way from the empty carpark down to The Legends where Gattopardo (11 Canning Walk Fort Canning Park) is. The restaurant is in an uncompleted Hotel Fort Canning, a very quaint place that is still undergoing renovation. Chongs says its a lovely place but creepy...
When we entered the restaurant at 645 pm it was empty and for a moment the restaurant belonged to us; it had a very intimate setting. Unlike Gunther's now the catches of the day are on the display at the bar counter (altho the table next to ours had the catch brought to them).

Firstly the bread - love the soft fluffy herb slice, whilst the thin crisps of flat bread was a little to spicy for Chongs. And when we asked for butter it was the hardest slab of butter ever but it melted in my mouth.
We had the seafood stew to share - came with chunks of fish and mussels and bamboo clams (which wasnt popular with Chongs so i had both). Loved how the broth didnt have a lobster bisque kinda flavour - it was light and tasted of saffron - but it was a wonderful combi with the seafood, complementing the flavours. We both loved it and dunked our bread into it.
Next came the 2 pastas we ordered - the Squid ink pasta (which Chongs was so gian to try after hearing about the Skinny Pizza that I tried) had a queer herby/sour taste so we sent it back to the kitchen. As the noodles sat longer on my sharing plate Chongs felt it had a more sickly greyish colour instead of a deadly staining jetblack colour lol.
Angel hair pasta with roe and sea urchin was fantastic! It had a cheesy taste, and salty and loved the consistency of the pasta.
We traded the squid ink pasta with the one we originally wanted to try - the Buratta Cheese Ravioli with Crab meat sauce, asparagus and water cress. This was a gross green - but turned out to be so very delicious. We were quite sure that we will miss our meats so so much in this dish, but its such a rich dish with shreds of crab meat, the taste was quite phenomenal. And i loved the cheese within esp.. very moreish.
We love travelling on our own so so much tho C dislikes the feeling of homecoming (but I do). Cant wait for my next leave so we can do a trip tog!

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