Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Queen and Mangosteen, Awfully Chocolate

Was going to sch to submit and picked chongs up from sch to head to Vivo. Our options were the tapas at Spruce (lunch weekdays only sigh), the sushi at Klee, or the very noisy Vivo which has the Cellar Door.
We went all the way to vivo to find that the Cellar Door (Vivocity) there has no lamb burger that i wanted to try!! Should have not been so lazy and checked that place out whilst it was still at Bt Timah.
So we ended at the bar seats at The Queen and Mangosteen (Vivocity Level one). And our strategic spot right in front of the tv was in vain cos it switched off 5 min into the game =/...
Still the breeze and sights were good, and of cos, we had another sighting we wanted to tag too =P okay shan't be evil haha.

What did us in ( I mean, led us into the restaurant) was the fries in curry crab dip. Oh well, nothing beats Yella Fellas!! as you can tell we had plenty of bar food. no drinks, just bar food.

Crabcakes doused in a very yummy fruit sauce. Chongs says the crab cakes don't beat those she had in the states. Oh i'd have loved to try those authentic meaty ones.
Bread with Shredded Duck dip - its dunked in plenty of mayo and our neurons got challenged cos it tasted so much like tuna somehow. Had to remind ourselves in between conversation it was duck not tuna.
A sighting before we left (not sure if we were heard!), we left for Toys R US to get cel's bd pressies. We had fun with the boing hammer, and rockhard jewel disney box, before we settle for those lovelies for cel. Really hope she likes it (tho our ultimate sofa will be her wedding gift!)
That bar food was nothing, so we went to have round 2 - desserts. Found Awfully Chocolate (L1, Vivocity) to be fully refurbished, with so much more to offer. We tried the Cold Poached Chocolate - basically it was truffle chocolate and cream shaped on a cold pan, topped with alot of cream and a flavour of your choice- here it is butterscotch. There were other alcoholic flavours but they were not available that night.
Had the Hei icecream which is as good as ever. Chongs had hyperglycemia halfway so i ate her scoop and most of the cold poached chocolate. I'm not complaining haha. She needs her dose of fries stat..
Anyway cos I left my cam here and i didnt realise till dinner at Keisuke the next day (when I was gonna use it to take of my ramen =P), had to rush here stat after Keisuke's dinner. No fun worrying about where it was esp being scared that it was lost in zouk where we went later on.
We walked to GV but no luck with shows (only nightmare on elm st no way), walked to St James but it was dead, hence we headed to Velvet which had a SATC event, and with our reds we were catching the match and were around Mambo/Phu for awhile when the sleepyness set in. Guess I deserved what I deserved towards the end of the week despite a great call on fri (3 admissions!!1 c/s only!!1 gxm!! no port c/s!!). Weekend was concuss time. Next week lagi concuss...such is the life!

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