Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Todays Monday and cos Sunday turned out to be too much of a goner for me, I met Carol today to celebrate her bd, and cos we were intending to go somewhere nearby James we asked him too.
So after dropping car off at J's I started my way down bt timah, cos My Little Spanish Place was closed on a monday, the Swiss butchery next to Coro was closed, Roast by La Petit Cuisine closed down, Tierney's Cafe was not really appetisingly inducing, so we ended at Relish ( Level 2, Cluny Court) (after simply bread was not so enticing too!) . I last came here 2 years ago with Z and I'm glad I made it back for a re visit!
Firstly - more burgers on the menu! There is also a new lamb burger - previously it was a lamb patty in a wrap.
Secondly there are fries with burger now - it used to be only hand cut chips (the type in potato chips- served at burger bench and bar).
Thirdly - the pasta menu is much more expensive! there was a hebi pasta that sounded interesting.
Fourthly, the desserts has also expanded!
I feel like im sounding like SKC..

My Beef burger with Poached Peer and Blue Cheese. Awesomeness all in one - i must say that its one of the most interesting burgers i've had - sweet salty and ...... pungent. Yummingly pungent.

Carol's Black cod burger. Huge chunk of breaded fish fillet it was quite a tender meaty one.
Wild Rocket burger - James'. I had this once two years back, and again at Relish with Kelly last year and its still as good a burger as ever.
Quite interesting cos we had two teachers behind us as well, pouring out similar woes!
I had to run to Liana's house to pick up my convo stuff whilst Carol had to run to get dad too. Cant wait for my treat back =)


Anonymous said...

Tink you got your header wrong, should be Relish and not Wild Rocket as the latter is at Mt Sophia

Anonymous said...

Slightly misleading title to the post...Wild Rocket is a totally different place - you were actually writing about Relish!

julie said...

yup you got it right! i must have been sleeping!

Singaporefoodlover said...

heard a lot of good things about this place

julie said...

you might wanna start with their sister joint burger bench and bar at cineleisure - the burgers there are also great ! i'm a fan !