Friday, September 24, 2010

Bosses, Vivocity

Fried fish skin
Wasabi Century egg rolls
Crystal vegeterian dumplings
Frog leg porridge
Salted egg custard buns
Chee cheong fan stuffed with Fried beancurd and prawn
Got up early on a gloomy Sunday morning and boy was I glad to send grann to church. It was also the start of the month so birthdays were celebrated with a huge yummy walnut cake and yam cake (tastes like home made....) and the class after was conducted by a microb prof who teaches my (ex)fac. Talking about the closeness and how I was clinging onto gran must have been pretty obvious, as well as bringing up the issues of again deriving satisfaction of my line's pay (pittance) vs job satisfaction of others.

Thanks to Kelly who helped me source for the no, we booked a place at Bosses (level one, Vivocity) at 130pm. I first heard this place from Pam who told me this place is....fierce. An all black area with staff black dress code (but not too black faced =P). Eventually promotions like their 50 % off during weekday dim sums came and went. We chose an area facing Sentosa tho the staff very considerately told us that area is a little noisy. Well...everywhere was noisy.

Started off with the fried fish skin appetiser that reminded me of the amazing hotpot at the Little Sheep Hotpot in Hong Kong - once you place this into the expands and some parts of it still maintains their crispness ! But in this local context....we just dipped it into our porridge ;)

The first dish was the cold wasabi century egg roll. It is quite an ingenious dish cos I quite like century egg and a slice of ginger together - and the wasabi mayo+ cucumber just reminds me of wasabi prawns. Plus the skin of the roll is so super smooth it was really interesting.

Next came the crystal vegeterian mushroom dumplings which had skin a tad too thick. Better off at Crystal Jade's.

Frog leg porridge was sweet and yummy but I think the ones I had at upper bt timah/mt emily area was much better cos of the kungbao sauce! This one was down to the goodness of the stock plus the meat only no sauce needed.

Custard/Salted egg Buns came next and I was full of anticipation!! (cos i came here mainly for this). Have never eaten such a liquidified core (hence need to be careful not to be scorched and not to let it all drip into you) before and it was sweet a moment and salty from the salted egg the next - it was such a delicious little bun!!

By the time the chee cheong fan came we were stuffed. But this is twist to the rendition of the you tiao chee cheong fan - it was a fried bean curd wrapped around a prawn, and a layer of chee cheong fan covers it all. grann found this a little too salty (the fried bean curd was too salty and too difficult to tear apart) but I just thought it was such a refreshing change to the youtiao version (tho I miss that version too).

After lunch while killing time to catch the 330pm show Sandcastle, we strolled on the upper levels of Vivocity and browsed through Daiso (surprised grandma hasnt been at the upper floors despite being at Vivocity before lol). We then walked around the Level 3 open space and just spaced out looking at the sea and looking at people space out too. We sat around the Level one open area too and just chilled under the trees and watch the Star Cruise ship loading and just enjoying the sea breeze. So chill right!! Such time is precious with the grand dame. (but super happy cos my next month weekends are untouched so i can have more of such lunches with her!!! ;)) The movie itself was heartwarming and such a local flavour and im glad grandma enjoyed it. As much as it deals with the very local issues of history, NS, young romances, old age, sickness - it captures such moments beautifully. Really worth a breather away from the usual suspects of our very familiar local directors.

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