Sunday, September 19, 2010

Wild Oats

Wild rocket minis
Seafood burger minis
Parmesan wings x 8

A saturday at work on my own means loads of dc on my side (but tk god for raya to bounce it all off) and not being able to brunch with m (though i subsequently invited her to dinner lol). Ended up she ended up even later than me (though she ended rounds mighty early!)
Supposed to pick up chongs at dg mrt but in the end we met at Kino - when i was deciding on whether to buy more oishinbo or wait for my lib copies/buy the chinese versions of the red wine comic (which i did in the end). btw guys need to have better pick up lines lol.

We walked from taka to ion (not before dialling up m and realising that she has zipped off before her carpark expired after her dinner with fly/evange/audrey) and so we then headed to Wild Oats (11 Upper Wilkie Road Emily Hill).

We realised the indoor space has all been cut out;leaving just a bar. I loved the intimate interiors of the colonial bungalow so I really did wonder where it all went. We shifted from the alfresco area back to the bar as it was easier to eat plus the lighting and air con made it a big plus. Except maybe conversation won't be so private any longer. And a shattering of the glass shards while doing a group shot made it a bit awkward.

We contemplated the luncheon fries and the sarawak shepherds pie but in the end settled for the burgers (both types!) and the Parmesan Wings. I've always been a fan of Wild Rocket/Relish/Burger Bench and Bar - must have been only ever eaten their burgers of late, and not any others.

The Wild rocket burger 's patty doesnt measure to those patties served at his other branches (or rather, measure up to their adult cousins!). It was a little too charred and too dry for our liking.

But the fried seafood burger rocks the patty was super flavourful and it tasted like a yummy nuggets sandwiched between bread.

We have second thoughts about ordering the fries now, considering that the fries that came with the burger tasted re-fried.

The parmesan wings had a thick batter which tasted vaguely of cheese sprinklings within. I loved that it was hot and the oil was scorching; with the gogonzyle cheese deep it was really yummy. Eventually we (or actually, I) used the cheese dip for my bread and the fries. Though I must say that I do prefer the spicy type of wings that Bon chon serves, or the wings with a light batter like No 5 Emerald Hill's.Chongs abandoned me halfway again so had more than my fair share of wings lol.

This place is really a great place to chill and have drinks at a really homely place. It feels like someone has just opened their backyard for others to relax at. The music is great too;mix of house and jazz. It reminds us of the GP in the East who actually opens his house to his patients who can just appear at any time.

We then headed to Zouk for Elly and Fila - and after all the images on the screen we figured he (his other partner wasnt here) was from the middle east; and indeed he is from egypt. We found our favourite spot;and our favourite drink of p bellini. It was a really enjoyable night thanks to the uber hardworking dj who was still playing when we left at 5am!! slept for an hour before zipping off to work after that; thk goodness the on call (haha) prerounded most so it was just two more and the 68 before the reg drove us to Ya Kun at China Square for breakfast. Had to fight off the yawns during the leisurely breakfast; it was the heart of the CBD on a Sunday and it was a mighty different atmosphere with most families enjoying Sunday breakfast together. A sunday without work will be like that and thanks to the great regs who took us out we had just that !

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