Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Finally met up with Kels and mood was uber good cos we were finally going to inception long after the mishap the previous posting. There was a 830 pm showing at Filmgarde and we were so going to make it!! thanks kels for looking me up at 55;)

Never saw a more pri sch like decoration before! jam ++ at chinatown.

More annoying was the erp $2 at chinatown + $1.50 at cityhall plus ANOTHER $2 when I exited past Iluma intending to u turn into Bugis junction but the bugis junction car park was full &^#%$^#%( and there was no indication at the carpark entrance so had to crawl in and out and still landed up at Iluma (couldnt filter to left initially). The ERP was more ex than the car park itself.

Note to self: iluma has another mind numbing spiral to climb.

So had to get Kels to queue at Nando's (Level 1, Bugis Junction) and I to get the movie tix. There were loadsa queuers at Nando's and luckily some folks gave up. Never been so happy to see couples leave the restaurant. And no way were we sitting next to the queue where people will be hovering over us.

Many many sauces of which at first I declared not going near the garlic sauce -but it turned out to be the nicest. There was also the peri peri sauce and the extra hot peri peri sauce.

Our drinks of Cold, Rooibos tea, with mint and a stalk of lemongrass and Crimson Cola.
Peri Peri platter - I suggest you just go for the quarters/half chicks. These tiny bits of chicken were just too dried out. The nicest part of the platter was prob the warm pita bread and the hummus dip.
Our yummers half chicken and chips/potato salad. Super succulent and thoroughly marinated. I took the half of this (ie a quarter) with the thigh and the drumstick and i loved how tender the meat was. Kels thought it was saltish plus all the sauces were salty too so after a while there was not much differentiation. Well, tasty meat is tasty meat to me. Its good on its own.
I realise after this dish that I'm only a fan of hot fried/grilled potatoes. Not cold potato salad.
We scurried off to watch Inception after this. Filmgarde starts on time (and I think its also cos its ending its run ald......) so we were slightly late ish. Time check : 7.30pm start queueing at Nando's; 7.45pm get seats, order; 8pm food comes; gobble up till 8.25ish go for movie at 830pm...last bits of pita bread were stuffed in before we hurried over!! thank god nando's is located just below the linkway to Iluma.
I relate well to Inception cos I'm the sorta person who dreams loads (esp during my double digit sleep time). It'll be coolbeans to keep a dream diary - usu the dreams get retained for minutes after i wake up and becomes too insignificant to retain any further. But of cos the layering and complexity of Inception doesnt ever beat my simple dreams (or nightmares of still being at work and hearing my phone ring).

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peri-peri said...

Bom Dia & warmest greetings from Nando's! We are glad that you enjoyed your meal with us! Do drop by for more peri-fixes!