Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Once upon a milkshake (*scape), Fish and Co (Ion Orchard)

Maple Syrup, Rum and Raisin, Chocolate Truffle (clockwise from top) - Once Upon a Milkshake

Fish and Chips - Fish and CoSilver Cod In Miso Sauce - Fish and Co
Love black diamonte watches so so much and adding more to my collection
Actually planned on an outing to one of the Japanese cake places oft been mentioned, but cos car was due for a change in ramp at 2 pm - so car-less means duxton/annsiang was outta reach and so mummy and i headed to town getting a lift from the serviceman using our car =P

We got off at Orchard Central and eventually drifted to 313;popped by oriole but decided not for coffee;cakes at de ste looked too small;so we ended up having milkshakes and icecream at Once Upon a Milkshake where we spotted shan and rozz waiting outside. I was gonna gulp those milkshakes and go out to get a pic with them but they left earlier than we could finish. We were just wondering what they were doing hanging out at the porch but that was answered when their friend came to pick them up!

Once upon a milkshake (Level 1, *scape) is having a promotion of 3 scoops of ice cream for $5.50 incredibly cheap for yummily smoothy milky icecream. (think its till the end of Sept so hury!its their opening special.) The trio of flavours we chose were chocolate truffle, rum and raisin, and maple syrup. We loved how alcoholic the rum was.

We also ordered an Agent Strawberry and it was sourish to say the least - this milkshake is definitely more towards the yoghurty side (ie not my type!!)

We then moved towards Mandarin Gallery where I got a new watch courtesy of Mommy and the nice salesgirl who gave us the OCBC discount =) black watches with diamond studs are just so my thing.

We browsed more at Taka/Wisma to pick up my new skirt and I happily bought my first copy of the Oishinbo series - i bought the Joy of Rice - its a series of Japanese food culture and history and it is so interesting and lighthearted its def the best reading material to start with after the exam hull. Happiness=)
and Fish and co (ion orchard) has gotta buck up! mommy's fish and chips did not hold up - the batter and fish crumbled way too easily while my silver cod in miso sauce was not as fresh as i hoped to be..maybe have eaten way too many great cods around. But still a fan of the paella rice that fish and co serves. daddos picked us up at borders but not before we discovered the wrapping for our Marks and Spencers All round chocolate biscuits have changed so we went on a merrygoround hunt for it!

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