Thursday, September 9, 2010

HARBS Cafe, Osaka

It was our last day at Osaka and after our harrowing journey thru the underground mall of Osaka station to the hotel, we quickly went to the Umeda Sky tower to catch the sunset and watch the gradual illumination of the city skyline. I'm glad we made it all the way there cos the view is just amazing; never have I seen so many railway lines spiral out to nowhere, plus planes descending to the Kansai Airport; and even seeing Mout Heiei in the background (we think). It was truly breathtaking.
I must say we were also quite lucky to be able to catch a traditional Japanese festival - throngs of people were dancing in a roundabout fashion and the atmosphere was amazing- people downing Sapporo Beer and eating the snacks- which we also had.

Had supper at HARBS Cafe (Osaka Station) - most of the eateries at the underground mall of Osaka station were closing by the time we strolled back to the hotel; and we were SOOOO gian for cakes cos of the Daimaru Food Hall we saw near Nishiki Market - so many giant/tiny cakes/mochi/baked donuts! But there was no place to sit during the after noon and we had to catch the train back to Osaka. So , after seeing the giant cream cakes here, we decided to settle. Love the cute illustrations here.

Fruit Millefeiulle.
It was not truly a crepe cake per se - the crepe was just at the top most and at the edges - it was a cream bomb with a token of sponge in between. Fruit fans would love this - bananas/honeydew (my first in a cake)/papaya/strawberry; it was quite fun to eat.
Chestnut Cake
The flavours of the chestnut was really light - it was just the dense spirally layer on top - inside it was actually normal cream with chocolate chip bits and a dense chestnut sponge bottom. Mmmm I cant wait to eat more Mont Blancs when I get home.
We browsed Umeda area - we realised only on the last day that the huge food/shopping alley was just behind our hotel!! All the sushis in the world unite.

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i think i will likt ethe cake with different fruits