Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The best post call ever

6 abscesses, 2 appendix, 1 perf = GG
Clearing them through the night meant I managed to do 3, and scooted off with miss z after the lap app, to Maxwell thanks to our dear r2;)

Possibly the best time to eat at Zhen Zhen's Porridge (Maxwell Hawker Centre) is after 2pm (just before they close at 230pm), where there's parking galore and there is no queue. Shiok best post call food. Comfort at its best.

Checked out my favourite Picture book shop ever. And found a furniture shop with cute tree-like clothes stand. Tempted.

We headed to Kki where I finally picked up my electric blue Casio ;) but they ran out of Mont Blanc (what I wanted) and the chocolate one (that miss Z wanted) so we drove over to Flor instead. Where cream resides;) My ever favourite Earl Grey Mont Blanc.

She chose the one with the least cream - Summer Berries. I ate most of her cream ;)

Off to Little India to thread brows, City hall to pick up groceries, and checking out the sale at Warehouse where I picked up a bikini;) Post call dinner was rabbit food - Figs pizza from Skinny Pizza (my favouritest fruitiest pizza), Cous cous (unpronouncable, to someone), Sundried tomatoes/rocket/feta. Wholesome, in more ways than one.

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