Saturday, September 3, 2011

Jimmy Monkey

The quaint bare.

The queer electic.

The comfort secluded, best enjoyed on a drizzly evening. Smoked duck, goat's cheese, toast tartine. Dom Pedro milkshake, Long Black.

Braving crowds at Ikea to find the right bench, snag the hotdog/icecream cone, finding the white Ray Bans otw chowing down the Sub Standard Chilli crab sandwich and awesomer Peanut butter cookie. Getting lost at One North Residences up a wrong road, then somehow darl managed to drive right up to the doorstep of Jimmy Monkey's just before it closed at 8pm. Turn right when the girl says turn left. Thank goodness for the GPSes in my life. You and Kels are my life compasses indeed ;) cant wait for you to buy a place here. And so we can cross over to Verve for some pizza. Mmm.

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jeana said...

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