Saturday, September 24, 2011


On the weekend after Bali when I had the weekend off I was quick to date the Mountains to Bronte (Greenwood Avenue) to try their brunch. Most ex brunch ever after the knock against the kerb (bloody BM) and the fine along the yellow lines (please don't follow me...). Thou the food was uber reasonable, I was most sulks during the brunch, save for the girls thank goodness. Miss the girls so.
Poached eggs, spinach, salmon - Eggs royale was really delicious, though I do wish it came in its usual , in pairs instead of a long bread and some toasts by the side.

Jas' Smoked salmon and scrambled eggs, with mushrooms.

I enjoyed part of Qian's burger - smokey thick patty. Even the fries were good crisp stuff. Recommend it along with Big Bad Wolf's.

Good food, reasonable prices, chill place minus the crowds- recommend this place for brunch. Wanted to try the corn fritters but forgot it (left to get my phone from the car - maybe should have shifted it at this point of time!!).

Droppped Qian and Jas at Cluny court so Jas could shop for her picnic at Bishan Park. Would have loved to join them plus have more desserts, but off mommy and I were after a heavy downpour to Chinatown to plan our next trip, and to Sakuraya to get dinner while catching Arsenal vs Liverpool. Poor Arsenal! OG. What a very wholesome day with family and friends.

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