Saturday, September 17, 2011

Sque Rotisserie

On take day, with just 3 day admissions, partial gastrect going on alongside my forehead, multi flank/UL, hugeass axilla bumps, I was done in time to pick up the boys from TMFT from golf and then headed down to Central to meet Jo & Jills at Sque Rotisserie (Central). Opened by Emmanuel Stroobant just a month back, it occupies the space formerly owned by Sun with Moon. Its broken into sections now - 2 indoor seatings, alfresco dining and another alfresco bar. Pretty spaced out, and still not too crowded for now. Pretty good for conversation and catching up, which we most needed to do.

We ordered the platters to share as below..

Sque platter- onion rings, baked potato, crabcakes, wings. Crabcakes were the most awesome followed by the crisp airy onion rings. Well, they were not really rings, more like strips.

Combination platter- for which I could only try the beef cheek and the wings. And of cos, my dear potatoes. Comfort food for my friends.

Chocolate beer pie , for which none of us could taste the beer. Interestingly, the nicest part of this dessert is in the very potent liquer filled cherry. Ooh, the liquer rush was pretty good.

Chocolate mousse - my first gulp = soap ?? the spice/cinamon made it taste really so, though once I got by that I enjoyed the mousse pretty much. Its a distant cousin of icecream, so i like.

Just before desserts came (Which was a pretty long time!) , we met Pang and her fren Shaoru, who shared with us this amazing peach fruit beer. Awesome possum indeed. Inspired the girls to go to Bali - Jo just back from ZJJ and Jill just back from Viet. Cant wait to head to London and Viet yays.

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