Thursday, December 1, 2011

Glorious Sunday - L'etoile, Lantern

Night before was with the Chongs at 83/Av so was quite knocked out so brunch became lunch. To shaw today! Both working women then congregated to chill at L'etoile (Owen Road) a stones throw away (haha, the radius just becomes wider and wider right woman?). It was a very pleasant, bright level one (didnt manage to explore level 2 enough, where there is the sewing machine), with merchandise sold, mainly local produce- bought two (loved and cranky) and another paper wallet which I thought matched my other pouch made of plastic bags. So into environmentally friendly stuff. lol.
The crepes (sadly) ran out, and even the bagel. Normally the eggs benedict would be done on a bagel - but its done on toast today instead. Replaced the ham with salmon. Hollandaise sauce was a bit too tangy/sour for us though! Quite on an eggs roll. I should learn how to poach eggs nicely. and of course, perfect that hollandaise sauce. Okay homework for the end of the year.

French toast - cardinal maple syrup!!When we asked for extra syrup they actually gave us CLEAR sugar syrup. Our look of dismay earned us some honey so this became really drowned in honey. Mmm. all this is missing is prob the sea salt caramel sauce I gave you, babe.

Waffle with sea salt caramel icecream. Extremely chewy and reminds K of the belgian waffle. Not the toasty crisp kind I like.

Headed back pronto for the new ad, and for an hour at the step down unit before we headed down to Bali lane for more! Thanks much much for your oliverio slides (hahahaaha)

Avocado gula melaka, Salted caramel with almond. at Pluck (Haji lane) Next to my long dress, along with my buys of a hoops (hard to read) watch from a second bicycle shop, and the silver earrings. Shiok love the knick knacks and accessories here. Real interesting looks (and buys!) Love the love book in Threadbare and squirrel. Thinking of asking them if its on sale. Heart it.

Of cos we got braver and headed to a few stones throw away in a bid to satisfy the fries craving. Its gotta be the truffle fries from Lantern (Fullerton Bay Hotel)! had our own day bed (replacing yours, K...haha) right at the corner -so much so that we could tell when there was a switch from cd to live. Haha. Peanuts much much.

The last time I was here was also on a Sunday (but in the day) with grandma... we had the open face anchovies sandwich which they didnt have now...guess the menu has changed. Lantern is just so quiet and chill on Sundays. Love it.

Mini wagyu beef burgers. For a small patty it really packs succulence.

Smoked duck spring rolls. Good stuff- crisp, salty. Everything we like.

The night almost went up in smoke cos i thought i lost my ray bans (i actually went by bali lane again...the prominent parking lot is most unnerving) but thank goodness the next morning when i was less blind i found it. Its only when you lose something that you realise how things are so easily taken for granted. Thank goodness ;)

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