Sunday, March 31, 2013


Met up with Qian before she flies off again on Monday. poor babe got stuck in a jam pre dinner but anyway she found a place to get her fries fix - well these were not potato fries, unfortunately. House (Dempsey) recently launched a few items - in particular non potato fries. This place brings back good memories of truffle fries, sweet potato fries, and of cos the 7 layer pancake right miss Pek ? ;)

Taro fries that was truffle scented ! I'm sure Kelly would love these.

Hazelnut pumpkin fries.. I like the thick batter but Qian sure doesn't ...

I liked the barley salad with the puny bits of crisp fried quinoa... Idea J ? ;)

Mushrooms of all sizes unite in this !
Sure would love to return to House to try the other 2 fries including the carrot one !

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