Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Swapped clinic for eot/dot for my first tkr, then to asc for 3 tums(1 of which was a real egg like neurogenic one !), met the girls for some katsu at Saboten, Parco Millenia walk. Unlimited supply of shredded cabbage went fantastically well with the yuzu soya sauce whilst short dressed ( actually drenched lol) hers in sesame sauce. The girls order tenderloin and loin and I had the salmon katsu. Love the breaded croquette but I think the highlight was still the wonderful yuzu soya;) the green tea ice cream that came with the set took forever to melt so didn't manage to finish it :(
Keisuke Tokyo next date ;)
Looks like the tiny bento place that I went with the siblings is now replaced with ma Maison/monster curry :(

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