Sunday, March 3, 2013

Our korner

The end of posting venue was courtesy of checking out the Restaurant Week site during breakfast and fatherhood talk at BS. Our Korner at Scarlet Hotel is a restaurant bar and we sat at the area previously belonging to Desire. Always been wanting to check out the Asian fusion food ( ESP the chili crab stuff) but it always closed too early for supper snacks.

My team loved the quiet ambience ( towards mid dinner we kinda seem to own the place for ourselves ) and the warm wood decor, and it was a great place to catch up- away from the rest of the ruckus at Ann Siang and Club street.

Laksa clam chowder was essentially like an ultra creamy laksa latte. Chilli crab sliders was a favorite, and I liked my crabmeat-soft shell crab-poached egg linguine. Think the poached egg is supposed to substitute the eggy sauce of the chili crab dish. 'twas fun mixing it all up.

But the most stylo dish has gotta belong to C - they torched her smoked duck pizza and it was in flames momentarily. Quite spectacular if you ask me though I am not sure how searing it this way adds to the taste of the pizza. A's crusted lamb chops looked super impressive too, the size and plating.

Ended with the chocolate tart which was quite a substantial , gao portion. Pity this place looked empty on a Friday night ( though the bar was filled ). Good food and ambience and great for big group catch ups. Would love a drink on the rooftop bar someday ;)

Laksa clam chowder

Chili crab sliders

Crab meat linguine

Smoked duck pizza


Chocolate tart

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