Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Yan Ting

Church with grams after waking up early (despite late night show !) and bib class, we headed to Yan ting at St Regis for lunch. Love the spaced out, quiet ambience here. Not too full, surprisingly and there is alot of private space - we were separated from other couples by heavy duty luxe curtains. Food selection was not massive, but we stuck to the same few usual suspects. Again she says she can cook the cod for me at home ;) we are both fans of the chewy Chee cheong fan with scallops. And the mini bowls of porridge was 9 bucks a pop. Gulp.

Had dinner with J's family that night at Imperial Treasure super Peking duck at my suggestion ( after Yi Qian intro us to it ... Hehe) and od on meat +++. Beef, duck, soon hock, but my new Favourite is the pepper prawn vermicilli... Very smokey and peppery I took all of Justin's vermicelli in exchange for my prawns ...

Hand in hand ;)

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