Sunday, March 17, 2013

Malaysia boleh

Recognize the franchises?
Secret recipe brings lotsa good memories of cakes and Japanese soba at Henry park apartments... Giant sponge and cream cakes and the cheese cakes...
Must say the old town white coffee kaya toast is super duper.
And the soy mocha in Starbucks used a different breed of soy from that in sg !
Recent overdose of nandos(fourth in the past months)... Everything I have the extra hot peri peri I'm reminded of the lip burn lol. This was a super dramatic presentation, and in a way cost us our flight back( we missed it ! We were at sogo after kl cc instead of mid valley yet we couldn't make it ..:( )
And of cos... Miss the twister fries...

Future music festival was a blast ! D1 with cosmic gate and armin and aly and fila) (one of them was missing !) and second with temper trap, psy, fun., Andy moor. Missed out on prodigy( who was at our hotel pool earlier!) and bloc party but was still awesome possum;)

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