Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Was going back for acute abdo pain but Kels decided not to pangseh lunch - whilst the group lingered around science we decided to take 96 right outta Clementi.. to eat at Brothers Rojak (Blk 449 Clementi Ave 3 #01-211 See Lam Hern Coffeeshop). This is at a coffeeshop facing the entrance to the car park, not in the main shopping centre.

The clincher here is the excellent sauce, and there was even raw mango inside the rojak. Only if they had bean sprouts it'd complete the dish. The youtiao is toasty and yummy, and you'd have to wait for it to be as such.
Bought the popiah ($1.40) from the stall next to it (actually, it was a kueh tutu stall away), and Kelly liked the vegetable filling, plus how it stayed together even as she dissected it. I still prefer the one at Qiji, if not for the fact that the auntie snapped at me as I said I wanted more crunchy batter ! ('Ger ah! Next time tell me earlier!!! See, mess up the order !) geez she really likes her routine man.
Decided to bring Kel's to Fong’s Special Chicken Curry Puff (Blk 448 Clementi Ave 3#01-45 Clementi Central Market & Hawker Centre). This curry puff is excellent - the crust in between buttery and flaky, with the curry innards feeling up the entire space within (no air pockets).
This is the dessert stall that faces the outside (and is a few stalls away from the mixed rice stall with the long queue). We tried Michelle's favourite dessert- Red tea iced jelly - but it came all mushed up! (Hence, my vote goes to the dessert stall at Changi Village, for preserving the integrity of the red tea iced jelly) Otherwise, with longans and evaporated milk galore, we had no complaints.
What was yummier was their Durian Chendol which had durian puree which was very authentic and creamy. And it was not cloyingly sweet, with the coconut and gula melaka taste just right.
Kelly spotted the Granny Pancake stall at the coffeeshop opposite the hawker centre- nothing escapes her supersonic vision and we were in for a treat cos the uncle just unleashed a new batch of scalding hot fresh minjiang kueh. Mine was piping hot peanut minjiangkueh and the batter just melted to release the gritty bits of peanuts (the kind I like, not the commercialised creamy ones =p). As we mused about Mr HK actor (not sure if its the same one still!) we sure hope there wont come a day when such lingering amongst coffeeshops cease - either the lack of time on our part, or the time has come, for yet another upgrade for the centres.

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