Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Imaginarium of Dr Parnassus, Fish and Co Express

Second day of Ortho was an early one - actually not that bad now, minus rounds - with 9am by leehc, neck injury/hall valg/the subtle foot drop for me/amp and the 3 requisites for prothesis by jeremy. We had breakie at qiji (lontong cheecheongfan is the first for me) and tried to hunt for the spine cases, and ended up seeing cvs stuff.
Kels and I decided the east was just making us too tired, so we decided to take a break to go even further east to Downtown East.
She was paying bill so we were longingly eyeing WWW =P
We zoomed down to watch the 445pm, and just made it in time to The Imaginarium of Dr Parnassus.

The movie has enchanting escapades with equally beautiful people, with the extremely lovely Lily Cole. Diving into the mirror brings you into your wildest dreams, and this always comes with a price. A lil disjointed segments (esp the character morphing from Heath to Jude to Colin!) but nonetheless it is like an amusement theme park ride. I enjoyed the ride =)

And for such a suburban cinema, the thickly coated sweet popcorn was of extremely high standards!!

We explored Downtown East after the movie, and spied on Mr Chicken Rice and the yam fries at Old Chang Kee but decided to head to Fish and Co Express (Downtown East) to try the burgers.

Fish Chowder is one of the yummiest cheaper soups I've had, and you'll like it if you like chunky creamy soups.

Sambal fish burger is very delicious and is one of the most ingenious burgers I've eaten. Its everything in a nasi lemak with out the rice. The sambal chilli has ikan bilis within, laden in between sliced cucumber and a fried fish fillet. With a forewarning from the server that it is gonna be hot, this is a very enjoyable burger for those who like spicy food.
The Teriyaki Salmon burger is what Kelly had and its a piece of grilled Salmon between buns, made more delicious with my sambal chilli, the free flow chilli, and the mayonaise!

Calamari was extremely thickly coated with seasoned batter and I realise the grilled pepper ones I'm used to in the Seafood Platter is very different from these.
Extremely skinny fries to share, upsized =) It was a set with hot milo for each of us.

Had an interesting ride to Kels', and the 70kmh KPE channel lol.

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