Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Bon Gout, Laurent's Chocolatier

After getting a shock when I woke up at 10am on tues (cos I forgot all abt the smc registration), I scrambled to print the documents while getting a call from my lunch date ;) the parking was such such a nightmare tho i was most willing to pay. sgh has like the worse parking ever. I had to go back to the place i scratched the car man...
Anw not many ppl i saw except a hobbling wenkien (get well soon!!) and qt whom i was corresponding with in the morning...nice surprise =)
Met prof tay whilst getting a drink and we zoomed off for lunch at Robertson Quay.
Armed with her umbrella we were sheltered from the car park at the Pier (great and spacious even got waterfall lol) to Bon Gout (Robertson Quay). This must be my third visit here this year and all the people i brought here love it!
Btw, its REALLY PACKED AT LUNCH TIME! the last 2 times I was here for dinner there werent many. We waited by the sofa seats before we requested for a proper table.

I was really wowed over when my sister ordered this the last time we were here so I ordered the Vegetable Curry again. A wonderful variety of greens - my favourite is the firmish eggplant and cauliflower - there's also capsicum and ladies finger and potato in the curry. Yums. The rice was so yummy too I had compressing them into rice balls (easily) to douse in the curry.

Prof tay's Ramen in miso sauce..
I never noticed this coffee maker in BonGout despite being here so many times until we were seated right next to it. Prof Tay got so mesmerised by it she went to touch it wondering if the glass flask was hot.

She was looking after a family of 5 in the burns, so she was busy corresponding...but her lunch hour got a lil extended when we passed by Laurent's Chocolatier (Robertson Quay) otw to the carpark!
Pure ($9.80) was dark chocolate heaven. Pure and rich.
Chocolate icecream is a dark chocolate icecream with chocolate balls within.
Prof Tay ordered at 72% hot chocolate which had fruity undertones within. Absolutely delightful, she loves the cocoa within.
We love our chocolate too much.
I'm sure we can find beauty here ifwe bother to be tourists in our own country!

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