Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tawadang Microbrewery, PS Cafe

Met Kels and either we drown ourselves in icecream (my bad) or fries (hers), so we did both today courtesy of Mr Bean and Carls' Junior at PS. After settling the eye drops for mummy off to satisfy our cravings. Cos of crowded MOS/KFC/ Macs we landed here. The onion rings are huge, and are slightly spicy. Am a fan of the potato skinned fries. We flipped the birthday pic book at Toast Box, witnessing what we only see in clubs, between ah peks =/ Best friend, I've the greatest confidence in you....so chin up!
WALKED (dropped at earlier bstop SIGH) to Tawadang Microbrewery - luckily not a minute later cos it started raining dogs. Like suddenly, and before we knew it, it was dark.

Morning Glory was full of stems and was yummilicious drenched in fish sauce.
Fluffy egg omelette with crabmeat - its sprinkled atop not doused in, unfortunately.
Spicy Tom Yumg Goong, with coconut milk. Plenty of mushrooms and prawns. Fat juicy prawns.
Fried fish with sauce - this was a favourite of all the others. It tastes too much like Gran's - crisp, jucily oily, cant go way wrong.. the dip was a spicy tangy sauce.
Phad Thai was drenched in fish sauce but really eggy and fragrant.
Grilled squid was the last to arrive and by the time it came, the lights darkened for the band. I'm not a fan of squid, but it was soft enough - and I shrieked when the waiter wanted to clear, so I could polish off the last pieces =D
We were wondering about drinks/coffee/desserts - so 3inch sin/taste matters/klee/oriole (yeah love it tho it was just yest) came up but of cos being the lazy folks we were we just trudged to the nearby PS Cafe (Dempsey) for cakes. The Blackout Chocolate Cake needs no introduction and is as big a chocolate bomb as it looks. Real moist and fudgy, altho it'd be great if there were free flow chocolate sauce and ice cream. I was the last survivor left to eat the cake and there was much too little liquid. Fudge had solidified by the last inch of the cake.
Ginger Pudding with Earl Grey Sauce. I must say I'm not a fan of Ginger (after a bad experience with ginger steamed milk at ah chews -_-) but the ginger taste in this is minimal. The cake itself was really delicious esp if submerged in Earl Grey sauce - there was so much of sauce left I just used the rest for the chocolate cake.
Surprisingly I got most of the criteria for the misters wrong. Hmms, will be on a lookout for sure =D We were on every topic BUT the intention of meeting!! We were supposed to be in BKK now. Damn those riots.
Thanks Qian for the lift back - I was a goner at the backseat and was def worse off than drunk. Maybe calories do as much damage.

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