Monday, April 26, 2010

Indochine (Asian Civilisation Musuem)

today was a rainy day and after staying in till IM at 5pm (started late so we had early dinner), and then GS at 6pm (qiji lol), short and I went out. the programme is quite crazy - 750 major ops in 5 years, so we had to of cos indulge in calories at Indochine (Asian Civilisation Musuem).
Love the jazz here and the windy gorgeous ambience. And the fact that so many ppl were hanging out till even later than us, all in office wear.

Spicy chocolate is a really rich dessert, a thick dense dark chocolate ganache with a core of chocolate sponge, balanced by the sweet sauce and fruits.

Lemongrass creme brulee is Nat's and is a dessert that you either like or hate as the herbal taste is an acquired taste.
What a long convos about the working relationships and what potential friendships there could have been. We must always treasure the great road ahead we have in front of us, babe! Challenging at times and unbearable at others, we still have each other =D

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