Saturday, April 10, 2010

West Coast Plaza, Crystal Jade HK, The Hurt Locker

Wow this entry dates back to 25th feb when Hurt Locker was still showing and it hasnt even won the oscar yet. How much has happened since then =P After the med eopt MCQ test (tks for picking up the osces after leaving so early from the paper, K!), I made a wrong turn towards Tuas and we ended up at West Coast Plaza whilst still trying to decide on travel plans.

We browsed around before deciding to try ou the D24 durian buns from Oishii Bakery ( West Coast Plaza). Durian paste was wonderfully potent but it'd do nicer in a puff form!
We were debating between Bread And Butter Box and Coffee Bean and chose the former. This is the Yin Yang - peanut butter and nutella and we loved how crumbly the bread was...till it was like eating air in the words of K.

Her He Bi Hiam Toast

Mine Kaya Toast...its like a thick toast with the characteristics of a crisp thin toast

We went for Prof Soo's - only half filled heh - but it was worth going for all the oeso/stomach knowledge. We were ravenous so we went to hurry get movie tickets before going to Crystal Jade Hong Kong (Orchard Central) and started with this Salted Egg and Chicken Porridge which was served in a claypot. Not quite the typical Crystal jade consistency of the porridge (a little more watery) but still very delicious as late night food.

A walk down memory lane with the very colourful and cheery menu complete with fantizi in the menu (the difficult chinese characters), loud chinese mtvs, and waitresses with HK accents. lol, even the PORRIDGE was named after a district in HK... And Kels had a nice window seat!

This is what we came for - Spring Chicken with a huge load of fries and crispy bits!!! Very freshly fried, very crisp skin, very juicy chicken... Its worth your 10 bucks - Arnold's sells this at a much steeper price but imho I think this is really really good, don't mind paying

Hot Plate has all the meats - fish fillet (very tender and nice!), Chicken (too tenderised =P), Lamb chop (yums too) and the Cheese Sausage which Kels had. We were deciding between this or the Ocean basket (but everything fried leh.....together with the spring chicken), but this was a real carnivorous grease bomb.

This is finally our last movie before MBBS (yeah and this chapter was typed before mbbs lol). But anw havent had a chance to write a review about The Hurt Locker, which we caught during the study break (when everyone scrambled home to study;P). This movie is incredible, in the sense that it was directed by a woman (the war, violence, grit was absolutely cutting). Its like, you'll never expect anything less than Carrie Brickshaw to direct Sex and the City.
And it makes you thank you every day of your life that you have such a safe environment to function in, live in, play, and have a little quiet at the end of the day. Movies like The Blind Side make you grateful for the bed you have (no matter how rich you are, you only have a bed to return to at the end of it all, aint it), and the fairness despite the unfairness in the world. Don't compare, don't complain, I'm so happy to have a chance to study what I chose and to make the people I love proud.. Is the unfairness of your situation the driving force for your work? So you can get a release from that unfairness? Is that what drives materialism?

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