Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Bon Gout : Take 2

Dear Mei and James,
Thank you for being my model when James was here to help me with surg shorts! Sorry for pressing all those ticklish areas, and of cos thanks to James for brushing up my really really cui techniques...really, thanks!! so that i don't kneel in front of, and for not coughing into my examiners' face.
So to thank her (and to James soon!!!!!) after a long day at immigration to collect my and mommy's passport (thank god to mr bean at lavender for saving the day) and thanks to daddy for waiting 2 hours in the rain in the carpark (mr bean saved his day too lol) and we zoomed to chinatown point to make the visas. Spotted potential shoes next to focal for graduation =D
Picked up faris (happily forgetting her swiss roll hunger when she talked to the guard) and daddy dropped us at robertson quay. finally my dream to bring mei here!!!! (and thanks to daddy's tea eggs so she won't niao me the whole way lol)
My sister got confused between clarke quay/boat quay and robertson quay and she loved loved the quiet environment here. Seems like I'd have to visit her next time!!! invite me here please rich sister!!!!
She too commented on those dumb ass unlighted lamp posts that gave me that 7 stitches.
We reached Bon Gout (Robertson Quay) and Epicurious is closed on Mondays lol no yummy apple crumble for mei. But somehow we were so full after the very simple home cooked meal at Bon Gout. I love to think we're full from the conversation =D I think at home we're always watching too much movie or papa's always telling his tales so we just listen and gobble =D

We started off with Natto, fermented beans. Mei hasnt tried before so I suggested she try - the last time I tried at Ootoya it was rather bitter, coffee beanish like. I was quite ambivalent but she should try if she is curious. She took like perhaps 10 beans and the rest were left to my devices =P

Curry Vegetable Rice - this was mildly spicy and not their special curry (which I tried with Pam the last time I came here I tried the hotter Curry Chicken). Mei loved the variety of brocoli, eggplant, capsicum and potatoes, and esp loved the red pickle too.
I was really gian to eat curry but figured will try something different so had their fried beancurd udon - it was quite ex at $11 (set with the rice balls and pickle, below), but the chewy noodles were so so yummy in the piping hot clear miso soup, and the soup was so delicious they obliged my request to top up more.. and I didnt drink water like mad that night so i guess it was not incredibly salty but still flavourful nonetheless. But for more affordable udon, go to my sis and my favourite udon stall at the basement food court outside MeidiYa at Liang Court. SUPER GOOD!
The pretty set.

We shifted to the sofa seats, and whilst I browsed Female and men's health she attempted to read some Bleach. She found a doctor's book thing for me over dinner but obviously i didnt know any jap lol. I was quite disappointed in her elementary jap too thought she'll be as excited as pam!! Miss Potus you're missed too!!!

Mei and I took a stroll to Liang Court where this NASTY tourist gave me a huge HAEMATOMA and ECCHYMOSES with his luggage ugh ugh ugh i really could feel its formation and my sister thought it was freaky cos she knew that I knew my body inside out now and its pathology =P

We passed by this Italian place at the corner of Robertson Quay (nearer the Liang Court side) with a huge chalkboard that gave a new meaning to Wed's Ladies night - free pastas for ladies!! Its right next to the underpass to Liang Court. Chongs do you hear me??????

After the trauma of the ECCHYMOSES we popped into Liang Court for COLOURFUL POLO SWEETS (which was a hard sweet, btw not like the minty compressed powder kind) and Crepes (which she ate twice that day). She was so full she vowed off food and crepes for the month (i think we always complain but of cos we won't do it)

We walked thru Clarke Quay and trained to Cathy. Failed massively in the bid to catch the Dragon Movie (cos I saw wrongly in the newspapers that it was 3d) so we shopped instead. Was pondering over miss denim, so we browsed at gramophone (her obsession with alice) and the sale outside kinda gave me a headache so we bussed back when i was tired I dozed off. haha!!

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