Saturday, April 17, 2010

Restaurant Chako

A dinner from my sis' paycheck and to celebrate my passing and residency, along with my cousin Sam we all set off to Restaurant Chako (Hong Leong Gardens Shopping Centre, West Coast) to have dinner. Setting off in 2 cars, I was first trailing dad before finally i realised the direction from the waitress over the phone to be most useful.
This is an entirely family-run affair in this restaurant, from the mother as the chief chef, with the dad's help and the daughter running the house. Extremely endearing unit they have there.
This dinner turns out to be super super long cos of the waiting time, but the family were so polite to a tee we really couldnt fault them. Besides they did warn us beforehand to order the dishes which we do not need to wait so long for, but we ignored their warning (to our dismay hahaa). There were 7 of us and my sis who was the last to be served waited for 3 hours! When we left they said we were unfortunate that everyone who came that evening to the restaurant did not order beforehand, so it made it harder for the kitchen to prepare since nothing was frozen here everything is fresh. So it'd be great for you to call them up - they'l even email u the menu so you'll reduce your waiting time - 67763919
By the time the food came we were so hungry! We love the home cooked food and the beautiful presentation. We could seriously feel the sincerity in the preparation of the food. Nutritious food prepared with loving hands is difficult to come by outside home.
And everyone who came was armed with PSP(a bunch of 3 army boys) and books and papers, except us who were just armed with our mouths =P Saw a senior there too.
We ordered at 750pm.

Luckily Gran's Udon Set came first- this looked so impressive and left us SO hungry. This is full of goodness! Chicken chunks and tofu galore she really enjoyed this huge set. Dad commented the food should be served in order of seniority lol, cos everyone else was watching grandma eat!

Mom's Grilled Salmon came next and she really enjoyed the tender salmon.
Bro's Beef Fillet Curry Rice came just as he left to roam around. I kept kopping his curry rice most delicious! and the beef slices were so tender he thought that it was chicken fillet lol.
Sam's Hamburg Steak Set. Looks really delicious eh..stole abit of his hamburg and its really peppery minced beef meat made into a patty.
Finally my salmon and egg porridge/risotto(as put in the menu) arrived. at 930pm....hungry
As a set. It was so delicious Mummy kept drinking the mains...think she really liked it too! A classic example of a home cooked broth so delicious you just wanna slurp up everything. Slivers of salmon with finely cooked porridge and seaweed this was heartwarming.
Dad's Chako steak finally arrived...1015pm. It was like our senses were so acutely aware - everytime we heard chopping we were thinking they were chopping veggies or pounding meat. He enjoyed his hot plate steak very much too.
My sis' Tempura Vegetables (kakiage). 1045pm (yeah, 3 hours wait). The batter was so good it tasted like she was eating kfc (quoting her) and after trying some I agree - its fresh crunchy veg with equally light batter. It was good.
Just before this came my dad fetched gran and sam back cos they needed to go to church tmr morning....the wait is just crazy!!
My sis wanna come back esp for their ice cream (she kinda wanted it for her appetiser not sure how long they'd take to make lol), and this must be the most memorable meal in some time for us!


ice said...

Jul, you could have started to blog this entry whilst waiting lol. Your salmon & egg zosui looks delicious. (:

Stargirl said...

there's something really heartwarming about home-cooked goodness (: which one dish would you recommend? thanks!

julie said...

Hello Ice,

Yes i agree! Everyone around us were well prepared to wait with lap top/psp/books/newspapers but us...she really dishes out each one by one and her kitchen only has 4 sure you'll love the place too!

Hello Stargirl,
i loved my own porridge and my mom's fish was really just right. They've a huge repertoire of food from beef to chicken to fish and noodle sets, so you should call to ask them to email you the menu (and so you can order first!)and decide. All of us enjoyed the food and i'm sure they have much more better stuff to offer ! Whats recommended on HGW is their eel and curries. For sashimi, you must order before hand. We didnt manage to get any that night..

Alicia said...

I understand. I waited a few hours for my dinner as well. And the thing is. we already pre-ordered our dishes and booked the entire restaurant.

My mum's beef finally arrived close to midnight. I really wonder how they manage to survive like that. The ice-creams are pretty good.

julie said...

oh dear alicia !! midnight!! thats supper man... my gran who's a cook says she cooks for more people faster lol