Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Bangkok Gem@ 313, Overeasy

today is Friday and after successfully passing ATLS (so happy and relieved $800 ) I was happy for the rest of the week. Plus today mega d/c of 5, so left with 5 and 2 more to go cm! How happy is that!
So I met mummy and mei at 313, where we had dinner at the Food Republic. Act I really REALLY wanted to go and try the new Jap place by Tampopo in the basement but they wanted to shop (but i don't! I want to sit down and eat!), I had to follow them here. I'm kinda sick sick sick of kopitiam food which I eat everyday.
However there is Thai food here at Bangkok Gem (Food Republic @ 313) (Kels do you miss our thai binges??) and so I decided to go for it. Minutes later, my sister bought the exact same mains as me. haha.
Mango salad real generous portion for $4.50.
Tom Yum seafood soup with beehoon - this is the un authentic kind full of floating red chilli oil but I guess its good enough for hungry me.
There after met the colleagues at Overeasy. I miss my farmers style breakfast nachos SO SO much. It has everything I like here, nachos, cheese, poached eggs, pasta, salsa sauce, sour cream, chillis. omg so so yummy. Its as dear to my heart as the Cafe Iguana's version of the nachos.
To die for burger is getting flatter and flatter...
And the parmesan haystack fries is getting soggier and soggier!
I guess I'll just stick to the yummy nachos and mac and cheese from now on. Now if only the egg truffle toast wasnt SO ex!
And we took turns waiting for fullerton/starbucks that night haha. Waiting was the night's spent.

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