Friday, June 25, 2010

La Nonna

Relief from Wed means I had to quickly ask the person I stood up on Monday (after peer selecting session and had dinner with singhealth TY ortho folks instead, with bang/jerry/cheryl/andrew- sigh in the end I was the only one who turned up for gs but congrats to the paeds MO and IM resident for getting it! more saigang hahahaha), so quickly asked N and he recommended La Nonna (72 Namly Place). Rare of him to suggest a place so I took it up of cos! Gorgeous skies on the way there. Turning into Sixth Avenue. Zipped home to drop car off so we went off in N's car instead.

When we reached there i realise this is the place I've been wanting to try for the longest time! It is in a quiet and charming (and expensive!) neighbourhood, and my mom does go to the drycleaners at the same row of shophouses. Love such neighbourhood shophouses, like I do those at Greenwood.
Crisp flat bread and a bun. the crisp/soft combi is so yummy.,
Bruschetta - caviar, goat's cheese and tomato.
Love the crabmeat linguine! plenty of shredded crabmeat tossed in tomato cream sauce.

Lamb chops - tender but small portions. i wished lambs were XXL. always don't get enough of it in the chops/shoulder/shanks.

we were wondering if we were in for something that we may or may not like for the rest of our life! whats the value of work if we spend most of our living and waking hours doing something we don't like?

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Stargirl said...

an ex-staff member in my school fell in love with classical music and decided to quit her job to play in a community orchestra while taking on a part-time job to sustain a living. good for her!