Thursday, June 17, 2010

Bunalun, The Daily Scoop

Today could have knocked off way earlier (sigh today no rest cos yesterday despite not rounding gotta attend surg skills workshop so still 9am day somemore so shack from butter), with my 3 patients, but it only started at noon!! plus major faux pas with the warm welcome at 45 and saying how its already noon and strict columns, lift discrimination, list of rejections, no!! anw happily picked up kels from the lobby (sorry sorry babe how you had to eat chendol all by yourself =(( )and flew to Bunalun (Chip Bee Gardens) to meet M.
Our original plan was 1230 pm at Bunalun. Turned out to be 2 plus. Sigh, brunch became tea. Lucky M had half nasi lemak if not sure super hypo! Thought I was lucky to get a lot but PARKING IS FREE ON SUNDAY! should have been less lazy (or should have gotten my glasses earlier) and checked.

Anyway, when we stepped in, it was empty! To think M was so worried about it being packed. But fair enough, they only had bar seats in an L shaped manner, and when we sat long enough couples started fillin up the place. M ordered a tea to start.

This was my poached eggs with fish cakes. It was entirely to satiate my curiosity about ang moh fish cakes, and I felt it was like a fried crumbled potato patty stuffed with generous shredded fish meat. Very interesting, and an interestingly done poached egg that was rather shrivelled.

The poached eggs on cheese muffins was much tastier - the cheese was ingrained into the muffin, and notice how she has TWO eggs!
M's lovely creamy scrambled eggs (and the very many add ons which she surprisingly didnt add - the avocado sounded good tho!), and the bread was particularly good.
But nothing beats the pancakes! The blueberry pancakes were really of the right size and thickness and still had those crisp ends. Very very yummy. M wants to return for more, I wanna try the whole meal one and also the french toast.
We popped over to The Daily Scoop (Chip Bee Gardens) and I had the brandy and fig. I think I tried this before (gotta browse my archives to refresh =P). The other flavours I tried like strawberry cheesecake (so sour!!), lime and pepper (even worse!!), and kahlau werent as good as this.
Oh shaggh you need a mr bean so i can have my icecream prn.
Kels said im developing strong language and emotions so I shall try to rein it in. Oh I miss you we should meet this week!

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