Saturday, June 5, 2010

Old Hong Kong Tea House

It was a Saturday and it was just the morning lectures - missed the afternoon SMA orientation to meet Melanie. Gave Kels a ride to the east where she happily shopped at Tampines and I went to pick up Mel from her place, and we headed to Old Hong Kong Tea House (East Coast Road). Got a lil lost in between the streets but could spot her splendid white outfit from afar looking beautiful as always!
Mel was so used to getting driven by hubby that initially we were not sure how to get anywhere but by her trial and error (lol very exploratory indeed!) we didnt get lost at all! We were directed by her amazing direction right to the place, and parked directly at the compound. This place houses many other restaurants in their individual bungalows and we were spoilt for choice. We nearly wanted to try a Korean place but we ended up still sticking to the original plan.
Bolor you, but doesnt beat the flaky buttery buns in HK.
Beef chee cheong fan that I thought I'd never find here in Sg! The beef slices are always so tenderised its really as tender as the flour itself.
Beef brisket that had plenty of inedible spare parts!!!
Instant noodles with fried chicken and loved how the noodles were doused in sesame oil like how gran does it
Sliced fish congee.

The convos revolved mainly on her journey and politics within each inst and I was grateful for the invite to her place and access to her mini library =) her kids were sooooo immensely cute and were fascinated by the smallest things. Sammie was handprinting and Ryan was eating my exam sweets the florida natural. and they loved the tunnel on the way to shim's place. Mel's really an amazing woman! Hope you're living it up in Germany!

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