Monday, June 14, 2010

The Mask

Thursday beckons the second last day of greg's stay before he goes on leave for PACES so all the best to him! His treat for our team, and it was a lovely 2 hours outta the hustle and bustle of shaggh. The Mask (418 Serangoon Road) is near his house at Farrer Park and we were quite lucky to get the parallel lot nearby as 1) it was a wet wet day and 2)the shaggh buses anywhere queues were ridicuolous.

They commanded us to drop all work and all we did was relax for 2 hours. This place offers a 50% off during lunch time, and Greg is a regular here. He tries to patronise it more cos he likes the good food here and he's afraid the unbrisk crowds will force it to close ;S This place serves Chinese fusion - with mainly Indian. There is an Indian restaurant next door and apparently is owned by the same boss (of ?ethnicity).

The dishes we have here had a heavy Indian influence (think: curries). And most of these were recommendations, not in their usual menus. Greg ordered the dishes and he says that usu he orders off their menu.

We started with Achar, and I ate most of this and ordered another one. kinda got a rep in my team for eating nasi padang/spicy soup om haha.

Egg tofu with vegetables in pumpkin paste. And lotsa Gingko.
i LOVE this fish head!! it was sweet and spicy and absolutely delicious with the steaming rice.
Curry chicken was a little to sweet for my liking.
Salted egg fried prawns was also another winner. It tastes as good as it sounds, a salt bomb it was.
Navya's naan.
Convos revolved alot on travel (aussie and india), something i really hope to do end july!
By the time we crawled back it was 2 plus and we missed the pleural tap. Small price for the great meal we had, and the only one out of shaggh and hopefully more to come k pek!

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